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S.U.M.U Chapter 53 From the SHIELD Bureau


“SHIELD huh? That is easy to remember at least. So, Agent Natasha, tell me what is your purpose for coming here?” Dio said teasingly.

“Where were you at the night of the 10th April.” Natasha said, cutting to the chase.

“Wow, is this one of those interrogations that people were talking about?” Dio said, still in teasing tone.

Hearing Dio didn’t took her question seriously, Natasha was a little bit annoyed, but she couldn’t be angry at him.

Instead, she pulled out her phone and played the surveillance video, which caught Dio’s silhouette.

He was wearing a coverall that covered his face, but he couldn’t argue about the similarity of the silhouette.

“We investigated the incident and found that one of the surviving victims was one of your friends. Following the surveillance camera at the incident, we trace that this man was coming to and from this restaurant. You see, this man seems to be avoiding the camera all over the place, but it seems that he was coming in a hurry and didn’t seem to be able to plan his escape well.” Natasha said confidently.

“We are here not to convict you of the incident, after all the dead of a criminal doesn’t concern us. We just want to record the necessary information about your power. The victims were all saying that an invisible creature was attacking the criminal at the crime scene. So, what is this invisible creature really is?” Natasha said in wonders.

“It seems that you have done your homework. In this case, I would cooperate with you but I wouldn’t join you in any program nor that I admit to any of your accusations.” Dio said casually.

Dio knew that once he admitted that he was the one killing all the gang members at that alley, SHIELD will hold his freedom!

After all, killing was still against the law, no matter who died.

Natasha was a little surprised to hear Dio’s statement.

It seemed that Dio could perceive SHIELD’s intention before she even proposed it!

“Did I ever say that we are recruiting?” Natasha said, trying to play innocent.

“It doesn’t matter. They all seem to be a good enough reason for you guys to investigate me like this.” Dio said indifferently.

Natasha thought over Dio’s word and it seemed that it all made sense.

“Our SHIELD was established to deal with this kind of incident, where a normal method wouldn’t have any leads. We have to make an archive on this ‘Special Person of Interest’ to protect the safety of the people of the USA. If the ‘Special Person’ agreed to work with us, they would get the benefit of an agent of SHIELD, but if they don’t, we will know how to handle them if they commit any heavy crime.” Natasha said sincerely.

Dio thought over Natasha’s words and wanted to ask about what happened to those that SHIELD deemed dangerous, but he chose to keep it to himself for now. He didn’t want to make any trouble, he just wanted to live peacefully without any problems.

“You mean handle like this?” Dio said as he picked up a plastic bag and began to dump all its content on the table.

Natasha’s eyes widened from the realization that Dio already discovered all of the bugs and cameras she scattered throughout the restaurant.

This was very unusual.

From the look of it, this was all of the bugs and camera she scattered.

All of them were right there on the table!

“Yes, I admit that this is one of the precautions that we use to handle the ‘Special Person,’ but we have to do this to avoid any incident in the future.” She said confidently.

“I see, but you don’t have to do this with me. If you wish to find me, all you need to do is call. This restaurant’s line will be up 24/7.” Dio said teasingly.

“On that note, knowing that you don’t need all of this. I will help you dispose of it.” Dio said as suddenly all the cameras and bugs on the table were lifted into the air.

This strange phenomenon stunned Natasha, as she didn’t see anything in front of her.

After a while, as Dio was satisfied seeing the shocked expression of the Black Widow, he commanded [The World] to crush all of the equipment.

With a cracking sound, all of the equipment was crushed until they all were turned into dust!

Natasha immediately knew that the thing in front of her wasn’t something ordinary.

There was no adult male who could crush that equipment into dust!

And she realized that the thing that was referred to as the ‘invisible creature’ on the report was standing in front of her!

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