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S.U.M.U Chapter 52 Reintroduction


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After everything that happened just now, Dio thought that he would hardly trust this woman in the future!

“So, do you want to have a conversation now, or later after you change some clothes? And surely you can do me a favour and make sure those people outside will not call for any reinforcement, right? Can’t have you guys ruin my restaurant’s reputation after all.” Dio said casually.

Natasha was a little taken aback.

She never thought that Dio would let her go so easily after all that happened tonight.

“If you gave me that option, then I would kindly change my clothes and then come back quickly to solve any misunderstanding that happens this night.” Natasha said politely as not to provoke Dio.

“Do as you like, but remember that I don’t like any guns pointed at me at any moment.” Dio said indifferently.

“Sure, I won’t make another mistake.” Natasha said as she quickly stood up to get out of the restaurant.

As she went through the door, Dio reminded her to bring the expense for the Restaurant.

After all, she did eat Dio’s dish, not to mention cleaning fees for her leftover after treatment, mental damages for scaring his neighbourhood, and repairing the glass door that she broke.

Natasha stood on the door for a while and looked back to Dio with a smile on her face, and a gesture that she was leaving.

After Natasha wasn’t in the vicinity anymore, Dio put a gas mask and started to clean the restaurant in disgust.

On the other hand, SHIELD which has just received a rescue transmission from the field agent was waiting for the instruction of their director.

The transmission also included the subject’s data which was intelligence, speed and strength, were all beyond a normal person’s data.

Natasha has always been the director’s favourite agent, which made Director Nick Fury a little bit frustrated.

She was the best agent that he had, there was no way he would allow her to die!

He immediately ordered the agent to bring a tank buster and a thermal vision, fearing that Dio was the monster described by the surviving gang member.

This order actually was very troublesome, as heavy weapons like tank buster will probably cause many casualties in civilians heavy area.

As Nick Fury tried to find a way to bring back Natasha safely, he suddenly received a call from the field agent.

Nick Fury picked up the call, and the agents informed that Agent Natasha has returned safely to the car.

Nick Fury immediately ordered to give the phone to Natasha immediately.

“How did you escape, Agent? Explain in details!” Fury said as he was confused for the sudden turn of event.

Natasha was a little bit annoyed by Fury’s cold word, but she knew that Fury was probably thinking of some paranoid things. So, she explained everything in great details to him.

“I am relieved that you are safe, but are you sure that the subject was completely dormant? If it’s necessary, we could issue an arrest immediately!” Fury said confidently.

Hearing this statement, Natasha immediately rejected Fury’s proposal, she didn’t want to provoke Dio as she didn’t really know what he was capable of.

“I think it is better to have a conversation with the target first. As the earlier incident was all my fault, I think I should modestly apologize to him first. We can act accordingly after that.” She said casually.

After thinking about it for a while, Nick Fury gave her a go with a condition Natasha should immediately escape if she deemed the place was no longer safe!

Natasha agreed and hung up the phone as she would like to take a shower and change her clothes immediately.

“Let’s go! Find me a motel near some clothes store!” Natasha said to the agent in the front seat.

The agent only nodded his head and headed off towards Downtown New York.

About half an hour later, Natasha came once again to Dio’s Fantasy Restaurant. But this time, she wore a casual dress, and she thought that she would start fresh with no lies to gain Dio’s trust.

She entered the restaurant and saw that Dio was sitting on the chair, waiting for her. “I am back! And this time I should re-introduce myself! I am an agent of Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate better known as SHIELD. My name is Natasha Romanov, but many people call me Black Widow! But I still prefer you to call me Natasha.” Natasha said with a grin on her face.

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