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S.U.M.U Chapter 55 Two-Handed Preparation


Natasha laughed her heart out after seeing the bill given by Dio, she has never seen such a large amount of money for a simple course of meal anywhere.

“This is too much, isn’t it? Even if you ask me for this amount of money, I couldn’t give it to you this instant. You know, we SHIELD have to follow a certain procedure to get the money for field operation.” Natasha said, trying to get her point across.

Seeing Dio’s sullen face, she was finally content and immediately walked away so that Dio couldn’t make another demand.

Realising once that the Black Widow walked away would be bad for his business, he quickly chased after the Black Widow and then shouted that SHIELD should pay no matter what!

However, no one outside answered to Dio’s shout, it was like there was no one there from the very start!

Dio sighed and had no choice but to walk back to his restaurant.

With him being on SHIELD’s radar now, he didn’t want his little effort to buy gold to be discovered.

He needed to be vigilant at any moment now!

But as soon as he thought buying easy gold won’t be as easy as things were now, he chose to quickly call the jeweler owner back then to buy any easy gold left in his hand!

Meanwhile, after returning back to SHIELD.

Natasha quickly walked toward Nick Fury’s office to report her perspective on Dio’s assessment.

From her personal experience, she concluded that Dio had outstanding healing power, speed, and an unknown ability to boot.

She still didn’t have any real data about the invisible creature that the surviving member of the gang incident earlier reported.

All she knew was that Dio seemed to call it a Stand!

After hearing her full report, Nick Fury immediately frowned and rubbed his head in frustration as he deemed Dio was really troublesome. But he surely thought that with this skillset, Dio would make a highly skilled agent in the future!

“Did he make himself clear that he wouldn’t be joining us?” He asked Natasha to confirm it once more.

“Yes, he seems to see through my intention from the very start, and refuse the offer blatantly. There is nothing much I can do at that point.” Natasha said with her hands raised.

Once again, Nick Fury frustratedly rubbed his head.

He didn’t have a way to convince Dio to join the SHIELD at this moment, but he surely would find a way to do so in the future!

This newfound challenge made Nick Fury’s eyes burned in passion.

He certainly would find a way!

“Did he agree to come here for the physical assessment we planned?” Nick Fury asked in expectation.

“He agreed on a condition that he would come at his own convenient time. He said that his restaurant business has too many customers already.” Natasha said honestly.

Nick Fury nodded his head with a smirk on his face.

Even if Dio come whenever he wanted, but once he came Nick Fury would make sure to assess him personally!

Seeing that his boss has made up a new plan for Dio, Natasha found that her presence was no longer necessary, and thus she gave Nick Fury the bill Dio gave her earlier.

“What is this?” Nick Fury asked, surprised that Natasha still had something else to report.

“This is the bill Dio gave as I walked out of his restaurant. This includes the meal that I ate, the door that I smashed, clean up after my treatment, and then for the finale, the compensation from the mental and image damage that he suffers after I shot some bullets in his restaurant.” Natasha said, with a little shyness on her movement.

Nick Fury took a look at the bill issued by Dio and quickly slammed the paper into his desk.

“This is extortion! SHIELD will not pay this much money for something so delicate as a restaurant dinner trouble!” Nick Fury said in rage.

He couldn’t believe that Dio was brave enough to charge this much money to a customer!

Dio asked a total of $130.000, which consisted of $100.000 for the meal, $10.000 for cleaning cost, $10.000 for the door repairment, and $10.000 for reputation damage cost!

“FUCK! This guy really is something else!” Nick Fury said in rage, but this bold move by Dio surely piqued Nick Fury’s interest even more!

“I think we should pay him, we can consider the door repairment cost negated if we fixed it ourselves. He even fixed that 10.000$ Image damage cost as it would be easier for us to pay that much, he wrote a whooping 100.000$ for that one at first!” Natasha said, honestly stating her opinion.

“Are you sure about this? Even this outrageous dinner cost?” Nick Fury challenged Natasha opinion.

“Sure, I would pay for that amount if it would smooth our convenience with him in the future, if he still rejects you again that is.” Natasha said while smirking towards Nick Fury.

“Leaving a good impression is pretty important after all.” She said as she left Nick Fury’s office.

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