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S.U.M.U Chapter 56 Despair


SHIELD noticed Dio’s purchase on gold.

They couldn’t think of anything that Dio would do about this gold at this moment.

They thought that gold was just Dio’s weird obsession.

If they knew that Dio’s power came from buying a stack of gold, they would be extremely surprised!

But with the SHIELD knowing. William, the illegal gold vendor would clearly face some troubles in the future.

This was why Dio decided to buy out every illegal gold that William owned.

At least, if his suspicion was on point, he wouldn’t have any regret!

Dio bought 150 gold bars from William at the price of 480.000$!

That price at least made Dio felt better, even if he couldn’t buy gold from William anymore, he surely has made a fortune here.

After finishing his transaction, Dio quickly walked toward an empty alley and recharged all the gold he owned to the Game Recharge.

He frowned a little bit after seeing that from the 150 gold bars he had, the system took it all and converted it into 150 gold bars in the status.

Well, even if that was the case, he still could do 150 consecutive draws!

He quickly did all of his rituals before drawing from the system, he watched a cat video on youtube, salvation made by USA army on the Africa land, and even prayed to God that he would be lucky.

After all that, Dio quickly drew!

He used 10 of his gold bars for the first consecutive draws immediately, after seeing the result, his face began to sulk a little bit.

He only got a bunch of Hamon Beads and some useless items that literally had no effect at all!

How could his luck be that rotten! He shouted in his heart.

This bad luck really went on and on for as long as he could remember, when he saw the amount of gold he had used, his face was in-depth of frowning pace!

He had used a total of 100 gold and all he got was garbage!

He immediately speculated that he already used all his almighty luck after drawing [The World] from the system!

The next ten draws in turns, were not so disappointing as the first one.

He finally got another arrow fragment!

If he could get a full arrow fragment, he would have another shot at making a powerful pet or even another person who could use another Stand!

Dio kept on drawing in hope for another arrow but it never came!

With his chance was diminishing with the time he used to draw, he was thinking of giving up this stupid draw thing.

After all, he already had the most powerful Stand in JoJo’s world!

But as he wanted to give up, among the items he got, he saw a flashing rainbow color!

This color was a sign of a Stand!

He finally drew a Stand!

Dio was looking at the interface in front of him in excitement!

There was too many Stand in JoJo’s universe that could be said overpowered in this Marvel Universe!

As the rainbow lights began to fade, Dio was finally able to see his new Stand for the first time!

Stand: Khnum

Description: A Stand named after Egypt’s God of the Nile.

Ability: Perfect Mimicry

Ability Description: Transform the user into an identical version of another person. This includes sound, smell, weight, and height.


Destructive Power: E

Speed: E

Range: E

Sustainability: A

Precision: E

Growth: E

Stand Evaluation: Can be a perfect copy of anyone the user chooses, as long as the user can act according to the target’s behavior, no one will be able to tell the difference!

Dio’s eyes widened as he remembered that this Stand was used by one of the Zenyatta Brother in the JoJo series!

He remembered that Stand was a perfect Stand to infiltrate a high-security facility, as he could become one of the guards or anyone with high enough authority on the site.

Not only that, but he could also do whatever he wanted and no one would point it back to him!

This Stand will be very useful against SHIELD, for sure!

[Khnum] in fact had a great weakness.

Its user couldn’t get hold of the target memories.

This could make things a little bit complicated if he ever encountered the target’s acquaintance in his infiltration.

With this knowledge he had on the [Khnum] Stand, he now knew that before he transformed into another person, he should at least prepare to act as the target, or at least knew that the target was just another low-level mob that no one cared about!

After getting his hand on [Khnum], Dio quickly exhausted all the gold he had left, without considering what he got from the rest of the consecutive draws!

All he wanted now was to have enough Hamon Energy to unlock another Stand Slot!

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