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S.U.M.U Chapter 7 A Transaction


“Oh, FXXK! I already paid for the last goods! What are you doing here?” 

When Dio met Will’s acquaintance, he was startled, it’s a man with a luxurious suit with the letters “successful ” written all over his face. This white man couldn’t help but swear when he saw Will enter his office, of course, no one else was there other than those three.

It seems like Will knows a lot about this guy because, despite his appearance, he doesn’t even try to hide his vexation. And Will instead of angry, he smiled although it’s a sly one, then Will approached him until he’s right in front of his acquaintance. 

Oh, God!

Dio wanted to laugh, but he held it back real hard so he won’t embarrass Will.

Will doesn’t know how funny this is because of his height, but he doesn’t know that even if he gets really close with a scary face, it doesn’t look the slightest bit intimidating, then he immediately pushes this white man on his chest, and then said, “Maybe I should let your boss, wife, and children know about an interesting fact that an elite white-collar civil servant, the famous Mr. Edward is a drug addict who makes a deal with a gang!”

Will’s ridiculing tone makes Edward agitated, although it’s nothing unusual here in America, and lots of famous celebrity and successful businessman is basically a drug addict.

But at the same time, those who are against drug abuse is just as many, especially in the government. If the news about Edward’s drug abuse is made public, what awaits him will be a letter of resignation and a letter of divorce.

This is why Will kept pressing this matter. Although this will undoubtedly offend Edward, as long as Will is holding this trump card, Edward won’t be able to mess with him.

After hearing Will’s threat, he became furious and yelled, “Bastard! Is that how you treat your customers?”

“I’m sorry, the customer? The customer wouldn’t yell at me the moment I enter the front door.” Will scraped his earwax and fling it into Edward’s head.

Edward is really furious, but after a taking few deep breaths, he forcibly squeezed a bitter smile.

“Aw come on, I’m your beloved regular, aren’t I?”

As much as his anger drives him insane right now, he realized he’s also at fault, Edward sighed and said, “Okay, I apologize for my attitude earlier, but you have to understand. If anyone knows I have a connection with your gang, my position in the government will be endangered.” 

It’s not like Will doesn’t understand where Edward is coming from, and now that Edward explained things politely, things finally calmed down, and Will remain silent.

The fact that Edward is a civil servant is already shocking to Dio, but what’s even more shocking is Will threatened that very civil servant!

After seeing Will finally calmed down, Edward immediately asks, “What can I do for you today, I don’t have much time, but as long as it’s within my power, I’ll do it, as an apology for my attitude earlier.”

Dio also quietly clicked his tongue a few times behind him, as a signal to discuss their purpose coming here today.

Will snorted and then tell their circumstances and their purpose for coming here to Edward.

After hearing their intention, Edward breathed a sigh of relief. He thought it would be something troublesome. Although he bought goods from the gang, he doesn’t want to be involved in any gang related problems.

“Fortunately, this is within my power, but to be honest, it won’t be easy. You know, I just transferred here recently, I can’t do anything rash. And I can’t cover this much money with my salary.” 

This is undeniably the truth, and Dio feels bad about shoving this matter to Edward but instead Will just sneer and said “Come on, I know something like this is right up in your alley, besides I know a fact that with Stark Industries’ donation, military personnel be it the one currently in service or retired is granted discount, they only need to pay one-third of the full price, I believe you can set this up for us since we’re friends right?”

Dio is shocked that Will knows that much!

Human really is a corrupt creature, all they saw in others is how to make a profit out of them. And these two are no exceptions, but Edward is just speechless after hearing Will’s detailed explanation.

“You overestimate my ability, I’m not capable of that.” Edward still struggles despite knowing that it’s futile. A donation, charity, etc. is nothing but an additional profit for Edward, and Will already knows this. This is just business for Edward.

As for the Stark Group, the donator is even more indifferent. As long as the public knows they donated a lot of money and build a better reputation for themselves, they don’t care with whom that money ended up.

Seeing Edward began to falter, Will added, “I know the rules, but just this once, and I swear, no one will find out about our relationship, and you won’t see my face again.”

Will’s words are like the whisper of a devil, tempting Edward to nod.

“I’m counting on you, damn, I shouldn’t have bought from you, now I really regret it!”

“Don’t say that, aren’t we friends? Besides, something like this isn’t that difficult for you. And I owe you one, I’ll do you a favor if you need, call my friend here when you finished with the paperwork later.”

Edward smile like a weight was lifted off his chest, “Your friends can fill out this form and wait for my call. I will arrange it as soon as possible. You’ll get the same discount as the military personnel, but…”

“I know, I know, your share, right?”

Edward’s smile turned into a laugh, Will really knows how things work.

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