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S.U.M.U Chapter 6 Tapped


The next morning, right after cleaning up the table he broke yesterday, somebody comes knocking on his door.

“Hey, brother, It’s me, Will.”

The moment Dio opened the door, Will gave him a big hug, but it looks pretty funny since he’s only 1.6 meters, while Dio’s height is 1.85 meters.

“Hello, Will.” Dio can’t get all chummy with him because he’s not exactly a friend of Will, but seeing Will’s attitude, he was relieved. From now on, he will live as Dio Brando. Will’s best friend!

“Wow, my bro!”

Will deliberately made a comical expression and gesture, but actually, he was carefully observing Dio’s situation. Dio had such a terrible accident, he was so worried about Dio’s current condition. After seeing Dio in person, his worry is blown away.

“Hey, bro! Are you sure you’re not doing plastic surgery while you’re at the hospital? Because I think you became way more handsome after you get discharged from the hospital, No wonder Jane was rejected, if she saw you now, she’ll never let you go!”

“Hahaha, of course not. Since God still let me live, then instead of waste my time in grief, it’s better to try my best for the future. I believe that that’s what ‘they’ want as well.” Dio says with a calm expression on his face, but he decided not to tell Will about Stands as it could complicate the matter at hand.

Will then patted him on the back without saying anything.

“Everyone is very sorry about what happened. Just remember that Uncle Brando and Aunt He will also bless you in heaven.”

“Do not worry, I am not as vulnerable as you think. We’re going to the cemetery, right? let’s go with your car, for now, my car is at home.”

He Yongzhi, who had gained Dio’s memories, talked to Will the way Dio talk. Will didn’t realize about it. After Dio locked the door, they left on a second-hand Chevrolet.

Just before Dio and Will depart, inside a black car not far from the restaurant…

“The target left with Will Jos. Based on their conversation yesterday that we already taped, they should be on their way to the cemetery donated by Stark Industries.”

“Okay, you observed the since yesterday, did you notice something?”

“Target emotional seems to be unstable, yesterday he broke a table which he disposed of this morning.”

“Anything else?”

“No, sir.” 

“Keep me informed about him. ” 

“Yes, sir!”

After he hangs, the phone someone on the car said: “Why don’t you just kill him?”

“Do you think that I don’t want to send him to reunite with his family? The last time I rushed things up, that boy got lucky and somehow “return from death,” causing SHIELD to sniff around. If I’m not careful, they’ll get suspicious. Fortunately, this lucky boy should know nothing. With complete surveillance for a whole, we should know for sure whether he knows something or not. If he doesn’t, just let him live. “

Afterward, the guy in the black car went to the supermarket to buy a sandwich, obviously dissatisfied with their precious time wasted in keeping an eye on someone who’s both lucky and unlucky to survive after seeing something he shouldn’t have seen. These people had no choice but to eliminate anybody who finds out, even if it’s a whole family!

In the suburb, a recently built cemetery came into view.

Will who sat in the driver’s seat kept going on and on about Tony Stark in his unique accent.

“Tony Stark, this guy should die! God knows how many people killed from the weapons of the Stark industry, 100,000? A million? Or maybe 10 million?”

“Hey, I heard that yesterday, our famous playboy Tony Stark took home the most famous twin supermodels who won Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Today’s news is all about this…”

“Brother, I got a joke for you, Tony Stark, the notorious arms dealer in the United States, is actually a philanthropist, hahaha!”

Dio almost forgot Will can’t stand the wealthy, especially someone like Tony Stark, like most black people in slums, they just can’t bring themselves to trust someone like Tony Stark even if he does a good deed!

“Well, brother, we are here.”

After leaving the car, Dio couldn’t help but take a deep breath a few times. The air is fresh, he simply enjoyed it.

Whether Tony Stark is really a good man or just someone who does something solely for business, this newly built cemetery is finished thanks to his donation, so it doesn’t really matter for Dio as long as he can use this cemetery

Dio is no longer a naive guy, he knew how harsh this world can be, it’s basically survival to the fittest, deceive or be deceived. It is better to think of ways to live a better life.

“How about it? Pretty good place, right?.”

“Yes, but are you sure that it’s cheap?” Dio’s face is full of disbelief.

“Hey, I know a guy here, but since he didn’t get his ‘goods’ from me. I can threaten him if he doesn’t give us a discount. There was no embarrassment on Will’s face when he said that.

Everyone has their own way to do things, this is Will’s way, as someone who spent most of his life in a gang.


Dio knew what he meant by that, but he decided not to say anything, as he’s not a naive kid, and knows how this world works, it’s not like he’s a saint with no sin, he has his fair share of dirty work, so he just went along with Will’s plan. 

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