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S.U.M.U Chapter 9 Who Lives Here


A week has passed. 

During this whole week, as he said, Dio stayed in the restaurant every day, learning about his asset, and asked someone to renovate his small restaurant. 

He didn’t want to make it a big deal, but the expenses for his parent’s funeral almost emptied his wallet, even after adding some money and some stuff left by his parents. 

Even with military discount thanks to Edward, one-third of the fee for that cemetery is equal to any other cemeteries, not including Edward’s share yet. 

However, since he’s an orphan in his previous life, he finds this to be quite fulfilling. Although he never really felt the warmth of family, he knows now how precious family is thanks to his memory in this world. 

Besides, it’s not his money, to begin with, so now he can start his life anew.

As for the case involving the death of Dio’s parents, he really wanted to investigate about it, but the thing is, it’s easier said than done, he’s neither a policeman nor a detective, besides he knew this smells like trouble, one wrong move and he could get himself killed, he’s not dealing with an average thug or gang members here, so before he’s sure he can protect himself, he’s not going to risk it. 

He needs to investigate this privately, without drawing unnecessary attention to him, and strike when the time is right. 

In these seven days, Dio is training his hamon and breathing until he gets a knack of it, and the result of his training is already showing. His max hamon energy increased by 40 points. He’s aware that it’s slow progress, but he can’t do anything about it! 

In addition, Dio also drew seven times from friendship pools. 

So his game backpack has dozens of more bricks from Morioh Town, scrap iron, and some miscellaneous. 

Of course, he still got about 11 lowest level hamon beads, which he instantly consume despite its lack of taste. And his max hamon energy is currently at 153 points, not that far from the 200 hamon energy, which is required to upgrade to level 2. 

However, Dio is obviously not satisfied with this growth rate. Because he already knew about most of the things in the game. Consuming a top-level hamon bead can increase the hamon energy by 10,000 points! 

He can only increase 5 or 6 points per day right now. Imagine how much time he can save if he can increase instant 10.000 points!

Of course, as he gets stronger, his growth rate will increase too, but the sensation of instantly become invincible is really tempting! 

Not to mention the incomparably strong Stands in the JoJo, he really wanted to empty his wallet to get them. 

But after he lets it sink, his excitement turned into complete silence. 

He’s not just lazing around doing nothing in the past few days, he visited ran a lot of jewelry store, and when he touched a hundred grams gold. The system automatically asked if he wanted to top up. 

Dio still remembers the price, it was 54 USD per gram of gold, which means that the price of this gold bar must be at least 5,400 USD! 

And for ten draws will require 54,000 USD!

This is definitely the most hardcore pay to win a game he ever played! 

Just look at the money he needs to make ten draws, he’s afraid even selling his kidney won’t cover it! 

Who the heck makes this game?!

After realizing how poor he is, he knew that he has to rely on the ability of [Pearl Jam] to make a fortune. Otherwise, let alone a gold, he won’t even be able to fulfill his basic needs! 

Now that he finished renovating, he would like to keep things low profile, since Pearl Jam’s treatment is kind of terrifying, there’s a possibility it will draw black egg head a.k.a Nick Fury and his organization the SHIELD’s attention! 

There’s a possibility he will be recruited as SHIELD’s logistics division member, but based on the movies, he knew that none of SHIELD’s agent is decent.

And if he can’t avoid dealing with SHIELD and the Avengers in the future, he must be able to stand on his own two feet. Meaning he doesn’t have to take orders from someone else.

Just as Dio was still annoyed with how to make money much money but remain under the radar, little did he know that he’s under someone’s surveillance. 

Inside the black car outside the hotel, the person in charge of monitoring him is making a report to his superior. 

“Nothing particular happened, and there is no suspicious individual who paid him a visit. Should I keep an eye on him a little longer?” 

“Very well, we’ll stop the surveillance for now.” 

“Yes, sir! What about the SHIELD?

“Several gang members dead is nothing new. If they didn’t find any concrete lead, they wouldn’t be able to trace it back to us, you better do your job properly next time, so there’ll be no more mistake. “

The person inside the car immediatsely looked at it, “Yes!” 

After the contract was over, the person in the car glanced again and couldn’t help but whisper to himself: “What a lucky kid, he better hold dear to his life.” 

After muttering, he hit the gas and leave. He’s officially relieved from his duty. 

Dio, who was still cleaning the hotel at this time, didn’t even realize how lucky he is… The only thing in Dio’s head right now is: “Women will be crazy about Pearl Jam’s ability!” 

Yes, that’s it! 

Dio’s eyes are bright in a moment, no woman does not love beauty, those skincare products, beauty salons, as long as it’s for the sake of beauty they’ll gladly jump into fire to get it, if what it takes to be more beautiful is money, they’ll shove it into his mouth without hesitation!

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