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S.U.M.U Chapter 10 Bimbo Jenny


To make a fortune for himself, Dio thought about making a phone call to his college classmate, the ‘bimbo’ Jenny. 

He didn’t say much on the phone. He only invited her for dinner. Jenny instantly said yes without hesitation 

This world is really all about looks… The next day at noon, hot-looking Jenny came to the Dio’s small restaurant, although it’s pretty questionable to invite her on a date in Chinatown, For Dio, Jenny didn’t mind at all. 

Also, thanks to her friend’s information, she knew about the tragedy involving Dio’s parents, so he has empathy toward him while imagining various ways to ‘comfort’ the poor Dio, of course. 

“Hey, Dio~” 

After opening the door, the first thing caught Jenny’s eyes are plaid tops and jeans Dio wears. 

“Oh, God, Dio became even more handsome since the last time we met, are my eyes playing me? Or is it because of that accident, making him a more mature and masculine man?” 

Looking at Dio’s porcelain skin, Jenny is so captivated, she almost unable to breathe. 

“I must make him fall for me!” 

This is what in Jenny’s mind when he saw Dio! 

Dio, who was thinking about making money, was a little surprised when she saw Jenny at first glance. Although, based on his memory, she knew that Jenny is called ‘bimbo,’ but she really is one beautiful girl, most men will definitely fall for her, and most women will be jealous of her. 

Jenny stood in front of Dio, wearing a tight vest, exposing her belly button. The sight of her white cleavage will make men drool. And with her lower half waring super short pants makes her even more irresistible, paired with 3 cm red high heels on her feet, with hair like a golden waterfall, Dio could easily give her 75 out of 100 Points, she definitely is not pale to comparison with those hollywood actresses.

To put it simply, she’s just stunning, not to mention in bed! 

During her school days, Dio was the one and only man who ever reject Jenny’s charm. Making Jenny went crazy for him. It’s also thanks to her relentless pursuit of Dio’s love and always ended in failure, that she earned the nickname ‘bimbo.’ Of course, Dio is really handsome, that’s an undeniable fact. Being half English-Chinese makes it even harder for people to approach him 

“Hey, Jenny, it’s been a while,” Dio said while hugging Jenny. 

Most men will be bewitched after seeing Jenny, but not Dio, and the reason is relatively simple, he doesn’t want to become one of Jenny’s ‘collections.’ 

The environment in the United States leading to sexual promiscuity amongst teens. Most girls are no longer virgin by the time they graduate from high school. 

Especially the ‘bimbo’ Jenny, naturally does not have any concept of chastity. Before she met Dio, she already had intercourse with many handsome guys. Her handsome classmate is basically her sex slave, most guys wouldn’t even think twice of course, as long as they can have their way with Jenny even if they know it won’t last long. 

However, Dio is an exception. He’s already popular with girls, and thanks to his parents, he has a proper way of living. And he won’t date Jenny just to show off to his friend, that’s just terrible.

After they hugged, Jenny is so mesmerized, she blushed like a little girl who fell in love for the first time. 

However, knowing Jenny’s personality, Dio just shrugs it off, smiled and said: “You’re even more beautiful after I haven’t seen you in a while.” 

“Aw, thank you, but that’s exactly what I think when I saw you. Do you have some special tips for that?” 

Jenny is so mesmerized after seeing Dio’s fair skin up close, she ended up blurting her thought out loud. 

Thanks to Jenny taking the initiative to ask, it makes things easier for Dio. 

“Really?, I recently got a recipe for certain a diet to improve my current mental outlook. I realized that I was a bit too decadent some time ago.” Dio deliberately lured Jenny to his trap. 

“Really? Diet? What is that?” Jenny’s eyes lit up, filled with curiosity. 

No woman’s not interested in becoming more beautiful, especially those who are already attractive, they’re even more excited to become more beautiful than the average girl.

Recently, Jenny felt that her skin is not as smooth as it used to be, her hair was messed up. Dark circles and little freckles required her to use a lot of cosmetics to cover it up. 

Dio explained with a smile: “In simple terms, it is food therapy, and nourishing products cooked with some herbs and ingredients.” 

Jenny understood this time, this thing is said to be the concept from the East, only However, in Europe and the United States, it’s not so well-known. Few people believe, and some fewer people actually try. And nobody knows whether it’s actually working. 

Then Jenny listened to Dio and then elaborate: “most diet takes a while before the effect is showing, but the formula I got is very unusual. It is said to be the secret of the emperors of the ancient eastern era. It only takes one time to get immediate results. At first, I’m just trying it out because it piqued my interest, but I never thought…”

Dio deliberately paused, then pointed to himself, “As you see.” 

“Oh, God! You are lying to me, right? How could there be such a magical thing?” she totally took the bait, but she still can’t believe that such a magical thing actually exists. 

Jenny’s questioning made Dio very ‘angry.’ He immediately said with a serious face: “What’s in it for me to deceive you? I just invited you today and share it with you while I’m at it, but now I suddenly think this is a stupid idea. Alright then, change of plans, I know an excellent western restaurant, they got a good steak, let’s go.”

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