Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 174


In the end, Tony couldn’t convince Dio to come with him while he was in the restaurant! But Tony didn’t give up!

“How about we go to Hawaii? Venice? Maldives? Bali? You can use my private jet to wherever you want!” Tony said, now acted like a salesman.

Dio was visibly annoyed as he really didn’t want to go anywhere with Tony, he just silently locked the restaurant and drove away with his car.

But Tony immediately caught up with Dio in his Rolls-Royce.

“How about my car? You can have it if you want, or any other car that I have in my garage, you can select one car that you want from it!” Tony said as they were stopped as the traffic light turned red.

Dio simply raised his middle finger as his answer to Tony’s question, and immediately stepped down the gas pedal deeply to shake Tony off his back.

Tony laughed after seeing Dio’s action and accelerated his own car until he caught up with Dio again.

But as they drove side by side on the driveway, Tony and Dio were startled as they saw a man in the middle of the road!

They immediately hit the brakes simultaneously as not to hit that man!

But a surprising scene immediately happened!

The man quickly pulled out two electric whips from his back and immediately whipped it toward Tony’s car!

Tony sensed something was seriously wrong and immediately jumped out of the car as the man whipped his car!

The whip split the car in half easily!

Tony immediately pushed a button on his watch, and in an instant, a red metal box flew out of the car, but it fell slightly far away from Tony!

Dio, however, felt that the man was somehow familiar, he knew that he had seen the man somewhere before!

At the same time, Tony was surprised to see the arc reactor in the man’s possession! He was sure that he never gave any arc reactor to anyone after the Obadiah incident. So, he was in deep thought on how the man could get his hands on the arc reactor without him knowing at all!

But he had to save his thought for later as he realized the man whipped his electrical whips toward Tony once more!

Tony immediately dodged the incoming attacks and saw that his car was once again hit by the whip and exploded soon after!

“Hey! Are you just going to watch while I am fighting this mad man? Don’t you see he has already destroyed my sports car!” Tony said to Dio annoyedly.

Dio leaned on the side of his own car and said, “Hey, it’s only your car! You are still safe for all I can see! You already told me that you have many more of these babies in your garage, so relax! You are okay!” Dio said casually.

“At least help me! Throw the red metal box over there to me!” Tony said hurriedly.

“Seeing you this desperate help me sleep at night!” Dio said while laughing lightly as he kicked the red metal box toward Tony.

Tony immediately opened the box, and immediately an Iron Man suit wrapped his body!

Tony immediately felt confident and walked toward the man casually.

Tony also didn’t forget to flip the bird toward Dio as he was a little bit annoyed that Dio was just going to watch him fight without helping!

Tony immediately charged his palm’s repulsor beam, but the first two times, nothing happened!

“Jarvis! Remind me to improve this palm cannon recharging system once we return back home!” Tony said exasperatedly.

“Of course, Sir!” Jarvis said indifferently.

As he was busy charging his palm cannon, the man attacked once more, and this time, he entangled tony in between the whips and charged the whips to shock Tony!

“Hahaha, that won’t work on me anymore, buddy!” Tony said as he laughed behind the Iron Man suit.

This was all because he was left unconscious after receiving the lightning attack from Storm once. So, he made sure to make his new Iron Man suit was resistant to electric shock!

Confidently, Tony grabbed the man’s electric whip and pulled the man closer to him, closing the distance between them!

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