Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 173


“Hey, how about I gave you a signed check so you can write down your own price and give me the recipe for this green veggie juice!” Tony said as he sipped his green juice. He has already come into the restaurant for treatment three times in just one week!

Every time he came for treatment, Tony always did something unnecessary and stupid in Dio’s eyes. He once cheated and saved half of the green juice for him to bring home, but once he brought it home, the juice has already lost its taste! He also consulted with some top chefs in the world, but all of them were all left angered by Tony’s comment.

The reason Tony took things this far wasn’t because he wanted to save money from constantly coming to Dio’s restaurant, but because he thought that it was a waste that the delicious juice couldn’t be drunk in a daily basis!

“You know I already told you that no matter what you do, it would be useless, right? I am the only one in this world who can make these dishes, and the dishes would lose its effect once it reached a certain range from me!” Dio said indifferently while collecting Tony’s payment.

“I gave up! There is no way to satisfy your ego! I admit that you are more narcissistic than me!” Tony said while holding his hands up.

But soon after, Tony felt the effect of the juices and immediately ran toward the bathroom.

Dio already installed so many ventilation systems and air freshener inside the bathroom to make sure that the foul stench didn’t come out from there.

After a while, Tony walked out of the bathroom feeling refreshed, while Dio glanced inside the bathroom and decided to wait for Will to clean this up tomorrow.

“Jarvis, check the palladium percentage on my blood!” Tony said toward the little box that he held.

“Blood Toxicity is 2.1%, sir!” Jarvis said from inside the box.

Tony immediately cleaned himself up and put away the box into his pocket with satisfaction.

At first, he was annoyed that Dio would increase the price of the juice into an unreasonable price, but as he knew the effect of the juices that he drank there, he would even give Dio tens of millions of dollars!

Dio himself was quite happy at this time of the day, as he already accumulated so much money! He also had the 10 million dollars that he got from Alexander Pierce the other day! He wondered what he would get as soon as he turned all those money into gold and drew from the golden pool for his own development!

“What do you think of the Republic of Monaco? I think I want to take some vacation to that place with Pepper.” Tony said excitedly.

“Hey Tony, listen! I am not interested in Monaco! I am not interested in anything that you had said so far, so please go home! Your reservation time is over now!” Dio said annoyedly.

“What about cars? You have a good-looking car, I have many! We could be cars buddy, right? If you felt that you are the third wheel between Pepper and me, I could introduce you to some beauties! I will pay for all of their expenses!” Tony said excitedly.

“To be honest with you, why would you want me to come with you to Monaco? Just enjoy your time with Pepper alone!” Dio said exasperated.

“Well, the truth is, I can’t use my Iron Man armor for too long without your magical green juice, and I have a show on Monaco that requires me to use the Iron Man armor for quite a long time!” Tony said shamelessly.

Dio shook his head annoyedly, he already told Tony that he had to lay off the suit for some time, at least until it was safe for him to do so!

Dio already saw that Tony would use his dishes to the best of his advantages, and now, Dio was proven correct once more!

“Get out! Your head is filled with poison! Get out now, or I will split your skull and extract the poison from your brain!” Dio said angrily.

“Okay, okay! I will go. Geez, you need to get that stick out of your ass!” Tony said as he walked out of Dio’s restaurant.

Even if he was thrown out of the restaurant, Tony didn’t complain as he knew that he succeeded in annoying Dio once more!

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  1. Josua says:

    He’s probably about to initiate the plot for Iron Man 2. You know, Whiplash and the stuff…

  2. Sorry translator-sama, why is there a lot of exclamation mark? Is it in the original book?

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