Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 176


“Tony Stark promised that he would protect the United States from any threat that will come our way, but it seems that he even had a hard time protecting himself! We need to speak with his assistant as soon as possible, I believe her name was Pepper Pots. I don’t know how she got into her current position, but I believe she was the reason that the Stark Industries might fall, I mean, what qualification did she have to become the new acting president of Stark Companies?” A certain someone talked through the phone.

The next day, almost all TV channels reported Tony Stark’s attack in their news program.

The news anchor ranted on Tony’s arrogant word that said others couldn’t imitate his technology. They even criticized Tony’s decision to appoint an unqualified woman as the acting president of Stark Industries!

That was all could be one giant plot to make the public turned around and criticized Tony Stark to surrender his Iron Man armor to the public.

Dio was currently sitting in the restaurant, watching the news with a grin on his face. He was having a good time thinking of Tony’s troubled face as Tony watched the news himself.

Dio smiled as he thought that this would be the karma since Tony always bragged his wealth around people. He hated to admit it, but Dio was somewhat jealous of Tony’s wealth as he could get anything he wanted with that wealth!

As he realized that so many negative thoughts about Tony appeared in his mind, Dio immediately gulped the entire glass of beer in front of him in one go to calm himself down.

He knew that he himself could be considered a wealthy person as he had more than ten million dollars in his bank account at the moment. But he also knew that he still had to work hard for his money every day, he had to please the rich people who come to his restaurant every day!

“You seem troubled, anything bothering you, brother?” Will said as he walked inside Dio’s office after he was done cleaning the restaurant. But as soon as he was about to answer Will that nothing was wrong, he was interrupted by the sound of the door opening and closing.

Dio immediately looked outside of his office to greet the customer who arrived early, but to his dismay, it was none other than Nick Fury himself!

“I am very sorry, but we didn’t serve a customer without prior reservation in this restaurant. You can read it outside, that is if your other eye wasn’t blind too!” Dio said rudely.

Dio felt that his way of talking was influenced by Tony already, as he wouldn’t talk that rude to anyone that easily before Tony came into his life!

“Hey, what gang are you from? Did you come here for protection fees? This place is off limit, you know! If you don’t believe me, you will, after you understand that this place was under Will the Ferocious Bear’s protection!” Will said as he heard Dio’s rude undertone.

Dio was grateful that Will came to his aide, but he knew that Will couldn’t do anything to that guy, and from the looks of it, Nick was having a hard time keeping his expression calm after hearing Will’s word.

“Did you know that most of the gang around here were already done for? The cadres of each gang may be dead, in prison, or maybe still trying to kill each other over some position!” Nick said as he walked toward the table and sat himself down, ignoring Will completely.

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