Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 177


Nick sat on the guest chair, looking fiercely toward Will as if telling Will to shut up in the most polite way he could!

Dio sighed as he saw that Will was visibly stiffened under Nick’s threatening look.

“Will, just go out for a while. This guy was here to pay me money, and no, he is not from any gang. I will talk to him first, so don’t you worry!” Dio said to Will as to assure Will that nothing bad will happen to him.

Will nodded and left the restaurant to calm himself down a little bit. Even though he felt that the guy was dangerous, he knew that he couldn’t do anything to him!

“Your friend is active in any gang scene?” Nick asked conclusively.

“You should know better! I know the SHIELD has all of the information about anyone close to me!” Dio said annoyedly.

Nick didn’t deny Dio’s word, rather he smiled as he knew that Dio wasn’t someone he could harass to submission or manipulate to his demand.

Plus, Nick still didn’t know the origin of Dio’s power. All he knew was the fact that Dio began to exhibit his power after the incident that killed his parent and almost killed Dio himself! He once thought that death was the catalyst to Dio’s power, but he still couldn’t say that was the truth!

All Nick knew was that Dio was not a bad guy, he was more like a chaotic neutral type of person!

Although Dio had shown several shortcomings like his poisonous tongue and his love for money, he still showed that he was willing to help vanquish the evil as he heard about what he did during Hydra’s situation not long ago.

“You should know that Will had the resolve to change! I can’t blame him for ever joining the gang in his early life as he didn’t know any better! You should know that many black people in this country don’t even know the face of their parents! They don’t have the money to go to school to make make a living for themselves! You are a few exceptions to that as you are lucky to have better knowledge and earn to the position you are currently in!” Dio said coldly.

Dio was a little bit irritated that Nick of all people wanted to judge Will, Dio still remembered that when they were a child, Will’s biggest dream was to become a pilot as he said that he could be free like a bird and fly free to wherever he wanted to go! But as he grew older, the world crushed that dream!

Dio knew that Will joined the gang to survive!

There was nothing bad about trying to survive in this cruel world!

Based on this understanding of Will’s background and characteristic, Dio promised himself not to abandon Will before he could stand on his own two feet!

“You know that I don’t mean to demerit your friend or judge him for anything he did on the past! I am here to give you this document and finally inform you that SHIELD will no longer monitor any of your actions. I have withdrawn every agent that constantly observed your every move, including Agent Natasha too! From now on, if you don’t do anything that could possibly threaten the society, the SHIELD will no longer be pestering your back!” Nick said solemnly

“In short, you can do anything you want or go anywhere as long as the means aren’t illegal, we will not ask you about any of it! You can even contact us anytime you want for any assistance that needed our manpower, intelligence, equipment, or any legal killing document! I think you will need that last thing very badly in the future!” Nick said sincerely.

Dio didn’t care about Nick’s promises, but he did get annoyed by the agents that constantly watched over him and reported his every move to SHIELD. Now he was a little bit relieved that he could do anything that he wanted without the pressure of SHIELD knowing.

After nodding that he was satisfied by Nick’s promises, he opened the document that Nick had put on the table and saw that there were several things inside, a satellite phone, several certificates, and an evaluation report!

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