Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 192


The City of New York was still lively as ever, even though the recent crisis occurred in the middle of the City and the monster attack followed right after, it didn’t deter the resident of New York to continuing their activity!

On the way home, Dio suddenly realized that his Hamon Energy potential had no limit!

The game didn’t make any limit to the max Hamon Energy that he could amass!

Although the Stand power was very important and powerful, if his Hamon Energy reached millions, it meant that his combat power would rise exponentially too!

But it was still a dream for now, as he needed tons of gold to make that happened!

As Tony was still weak from blood loss and palladium poisoning, he was the first one to be sent home, the helicopter landed in front of his Sea View Villa, and Coulson helped him to get off from the helicopter and walked him into his house.

But as Tony got off the helicopter, Dio lightly slapped Tony’s back and gave him a piece of paper while smiling widely.

“What is this? A love letter? Did you finally realize how much you love me?” Tony said sarcastically.

“Of course, I do love to see your face once you read it!” Dio said while he kept his smiling face.

“Well then, let me take a look!” Tony said as he opened the piece of paper that Dio gave him.

Tony was immediately stunned as he opened and read the paper!

                ‘Surgery Cost: $ 100.000.000

                Vegetables Mix: $ 2.000.000

                Delivery service: $ 10.000.000

                Psychological fee: $ 5.000.000

                Total: $ 117.000.000

Note: this may look like too expensive, but for the life of a Tony Stark, it may be worth the money! I will also accept all kinds of payment for this one!’

Tony knew that much money wasn’t that big of a deal for him, and it was worth it as he was indeed still alive.

But Tony still felt upset after reading it! He felt like getting blindsided, and he didn’t like how he felt at that moment!

“I now know how much money my life would cost!” Tony said annoyedly while putting the bill inside his pocket and walked into his villa.

“Well, don’t forget, there will still be the interest that you need to pay in the bank for that bill! You can choose any bank you like to do the transaction on, I wouldn’t mind!” Dio shouted to Tony.

Tony paused a little, but he didn’t look back to Dio as he was really ticked off.

Dio really knew how to irritate someone!

Coulson and Natasha looked at Dio in disbelief in their eye, there was no way they could afford Dio’s service in the future!

They had thought that if Dio was nearby, there was no way that they could suffer any serious injuries in the future!

But after seeing the bill that Dio gave to Tony, they immediately dismissed that thought!

It was better to die than owe Dio that much money!

Dio himself originally gave the bill as some sort of a sick joke to Tony, but Tony dug his own grave!

Instead of telling Dio that there was no way he would pay that much money, Tony instead gloated that his life worth that much, so he’ll gladly receive Tony’s money for that much amount later!

When Dio returned to his own villa, he found that the place was dark as all the lights were turned off.

But he could still feel the presence of people inside, he was a little bit confused, was that a surprise for him?

Dio immediately walked inside with uncertainty in his step to make sure that the people inside didn’t know that he already knew their whereabouts.

Then the next second, colorful lights were turned on around the house, and a beautifully decorated Christmas tree was lighted near him while the Christmas song was immediately heard.

Jessica, Irene, and Will immediately shouted Merry Christmas to Dio with a party hat on!

At this moment, Dio was content of his life as he felt warm inside.

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