Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 191


General Ross’ frantic voice immediately returned the rest of the army soldiers to their senses, but they were clearly hesitating as they saw that the young man was extremely powerful and they didn’t want to make him their enemy!

Even though they were an army soldier that was supposed to follow their leader’s command without raising any question, their own common sense flared, the fact that they had to capture the monster in the first place, didn’t sit well with their conscience and the loss of their comrades while trying to do so, only made them want to see the monster killed on the spot!

So, at that moment, even though all the Army Soldiers on the field could hear General Ross’ annoying voice loud and clear, they didn’t obey his order!

No matter how much the General raged on their communication device, they didn’t seem to care.

They didn’t even react to the General’s threat that they will be branded a traitor to the army!

From their point of view, the current traitor was none other than the General himself!

They knew that the General valued the monster’s life above themselves, and that alone was an act of betrayal!

Dio didn’t disappoint them too, while everyone was watching, Dio chopped the monster’s head clean off!

He was still using his hands, while not even a bullet could penetrate the monster’s thick skin!

Dio took the head and threw it to the middle of the field.

“Now, you all could vent your anger towards this monster!” Dio said towards the soldiers.

They were confused and unsure at first, but after inspecting that the monster was truly dead, they immediately raised their gun and shot the monster’s head until they emptied their guns!

Even after they ran out of ammo, they still attacked the monster’s head using a knife!

It seemed that they really had a bone to pick with that monster!

After he saw the crazy behavior of his soldiers, General Ross fell silent.

He didn’t know what to do at this moment as he found it threatening to order the enraged army like this.

He knew that his popularity was at the lowest on the soldier’s eye at that moment, no soldier would listen to any of his orders and he knew that if he pushed them any further, they might retaliate and turned against him!

To make the matter worse, he already gave everything to this experiment of his, and now it was completely meaningless!

The monster was killed, and the hulk was nowhere to be found!

He knew that his superior in the army would make him the sacrificial pawn to shoulder the burden for this failure, so none of them will receive the public backlash later.

General Ross sighed heavily as he could already foresee the future that he was heading into, on the other side, Dio didn’t know that he had become the hero within the army, his head was full of the image of perfectly cooked dumpling that Jessica and Irene had prepared for him back in his house, he even thought about using the [Pearl Jam] without using it for any treatment, just to kick the taste by a notch!

“It was pitiful, why did it choose to run toward us? If it chooses anywhere else, maybe it’s still alive at this moment!” Dio said as he complained while walking towards the helicopter.

Coulson, who listened to Dio’s rant the entire way, was speechless! The monster was indeed having bad luck! This guy was too much for it to handle!

“Are you sure that you are still human? Can you give me a drop of your blood for me to study? I think I would find a unique mutation on it!” Tony said sarcastically.

Although Tony was experiencing a mixed feeling, he was still grateful that Dio came to his aid and that Dio had healed him to the point that he won’t get scolded by Pepper any longer!

It seemed that he had to create many more specialized armors to deal with many situations laid ahead!

Before climbing into the helicopter, Tony looked back on the corpse of the monster that was already deteriorating at a rapid rate, he knew that Dio was too lazy to explain about his power to other, but Tony knew that it was not a mutation!

There was a saying on the street that stated the rich relied on technology while the poor relied on mutation, but Dio was somewhere in between!

When SHIELD has withdrawn, and the army’s anger has subsided a little bit, General Ross secretly ordered someone to take a sample from the fake Abomination’s corpse!

Obviously, he wouldn’t give up, not when he was already so close to achieving his dream!

Now, he needed a bargaining chip that he could use to avoid getting sent to the chopping block by his superior!

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