Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 194


In New Mexico, the desert was filled with so many people who wanted to test their strength, as someone found a silver hammer that couldn’t be lifted out of the sand dunes!

Unfortunately, their fun had to end early as, after half a day, the SHIELD arrived and quarantined the place down!

Coulson also stayed there as the base supervisor, while a large number of scientists with large equipment conducted their research on the hammer.

“Found anything yet? Something valuable?” Coulson asked the scientist leader.

“I am afraid not. We’re only getting average meteorological data so far.” The scientist said casually. “But, we do find something interesting on video!” The scientist said as he showed Coulson the video.

Coulson saw aurora-like rays shone toward the desert, and Coulson also saw that a silhouette of a man rose from the aurora.

“This silhouette looks like a man! Is this real? It’s not tampered, right?” Coulson asked the scientist.

“It looks like a man, but we still don’t know the truth. It may be just a meteorite with a strange shape for all we know! But yeah, this video didn’t tamper in any way!” The scientist said casually.

“Then, we need to check everything all over again. We need to know everything about this as soon as possible.” Coulson said with his signature smile on his face, but his phone suddenly rang.

“Sir, we have an intruder on our site!” The agent said through the phone.

“Please describe the information!” Coulson said commandingly.

“Male, possibly 30-year-old, fit physically, and have a proficient fighting skill, bringing a reporter tag. The intruder’s goal seems to be the hammer!” The agent said through the phone.

“Only one person? No one else?” Coulson said as he was surprised to hear his agent’s report. He noticed that the intruder was weird as there would be no one on earth who would underestimate a government quarantined zone.

“Please stay on standby and make sure not to use any lethal weapons!” Coulson said to the agent and immediately called Agent Barton after he hung up the phone.

“Barton! Are you still outside? How is the situation out there?” Coulson asked Barton.

“The intruder is on my line of sight, but you better come out here yourself, this guy was definitely nothing ordinary!” Barton said amusingly.

“Okay, I will come out in a sec. wait for my next order!” Coulson said commandingly through the phone.

Coulson immediately arrived at the hammer fall site and joined Barton on the high platform.

“This is the last chance, sir! The target has come to close to the hammer!” Barton said as the intruder knocked down the SHIELD’s agent, who stood in his way.

“Wait! Let’s see what that guy is here for first!” Coulson said curiously.

The intruder soon reached the hammer and started to put power into his arm to lift the hammer from the ground, but as soon as he realized that he couldn’t lift it, a look of confusion was apparent on his face!

The man tried one more time, and this time it looked like he uses all his strength to lift the hammer from the ground, but unfortunately, the hammer still didn’t budge from its place.

Coulson’s expectant eye grew disappointed because there was nothing worth watching happened in front of his eyes.

“Okay, that’s it! Ground troops move, capture the target!” Coulson said through the com.

A few minutes later, the intruder was already captured and tied to a chair while Coulson had arrived to ask the intruder many questions.

“I am very intrigued by you, you successfully knocked down many of my trained agents down there! Now tell me the truth, who are you, and what do you want with that hammer?” Coulson asked curiously.

But before the intruder could answer any of Coulson’s question, an agent suddenly came, informing Coulson that he had a guest!

“So, this man’s name is Donald Blake?” Coulson said with a frown on his face.

“Dr. Donald Blake!” Dr. Selvig said as he informed Coulson that he has come to retrieve the intruder.

But unfortunately, Coulson’s computer suddenly flashed a warning sign, stating that the intruder’s information was a forgery!

At first Coulson was a little bit surprised that these people would think that they were dealing with amateur, but maybe he could get information he needed from these people!

“I am very sorry, Dr. Selvig, but your friend has attacked an agent inside a government quarantined zone! So, in the meantime, we couldn’t grant him his freedom until further investigation!” Coulson said with his signature smile back on his face.

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