Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 195


“So, you are saying that maybe this guy has a mental illness, and you want me to treat him?” Dio said to Barton as he invited him and the intruder that he brought with him inside the restaurant.

Dio was intrigued after Coulson video called him yesterday about the strange man, and he immediately realized who the man was, and told Coulson that he could bring him to the restaurant.

“We suspect that the strange thing that happened in New Mexico had something to do with him, but we can’t rule out the possibility that the man was simply a lunatic! This is where you come. You will be the judge whether this man was a lunatic or not! Don’t worry. We will pay for the meal you provide for this man!” Barton said casually.

Dio fell silent for a while as he realized that the plot of the Marvel Cinematic Universe once again changed!

Thor was supposed to be on a romantic escapade with a woman named Jane, but instead, Thor was dragged into his place!

At first, Dio was prepared to save Thor and get into his good side so that in the future, Dio would have the opportunities to visit Asgard to catch some interesting pet, but he immediately realized how pitiful the state of the current Thor was.

And judging by the current situation, Dio knew that Loki would send the Destroyer to kill Thor soon.

Dio sighed as he knew that the Destroyer would be hard to deal with!

“Look, this man was obviously fit like a cow! Maybe his mental state was a little bit weak now, but he is normal, so I can’t help you to treat him. It was better to take him back to your base, and maybe hear what he has to say!” Dio said casually.

Barton was a little bit taken aback from Dio’s refusal to treat the man as he was told that Dio would definitely take the money.

“Why don’t you want to treat this guy? Did you know him somehow? Or perhaps you already knew something that we don’t?” Barton asked curiously.

Dio was cursing Barton on his mind as he realized that the title Hawkeye was not just for show as the guy was sharp!

“No, I don’t know anything, but it’s just a simple observation, it was definitely better to listen to what the guy has to say!” Dio said, denying Barton’s accusation.

Barton had no choice but to stay silent for the moment as he still thought that Dio knew something that the SHIELD didn’t, but he couldn’t ask him anything else!

Furthermore, listening to this intruder was confusing as he kept saying that he was Thor, the thunder god from Nordic mythology.

If Dio hinted that the guy was telling the truth, then the Hammer was Mjolnir?

It didn’t make any sense!

“You are probably right; I will report it directly to Director Fury soon! But as he is still unavailable right now, can you confirm one thing for me? Is this guy dangerous, or maybe he will potentially bring danger in the future?” Barton said solemnly.

“Sure, what man doesn’t possess danger? It’s probably best to lock him up on a house so that he doesn’t run around in the city!” Dio said hesitantly.

“Okay, I will be sure to report what you said to Coulson and Director Fury later.” Barton said casually.

But as he said that, the intruder spoke with a sad tone on his word.

“You don’t need to imprison me anymore, for I have already become a mortal. Also, Midgard was never an enemy of Asgard. But irrelevant to that, I once helped you Midgardians to drive out the frost giant who tried to conquer this place, so at least treat me with some respect!” The intruder said confidently.

Dio sighed as he finally saw how naïve Thor really was, no wonder Odin punished him, it was to teach Thor a lesson about being humble.

Thor didn’t even realize that no human still possessed the knowledge of Asgard helping to defeat the said frost giant!

Dio didn’t take foolishness lightly, but he knew that Thor was the best fighter that the earth would have in the future!

But Dio still had to teach Thor that he needed to go for the head!

“Hey, Barton. Stay for a while!” Dio said casually.

“Why? Did you finally want to treat the guy?” Barton said curiously.

“No. I suddenly want to try on beating a god to a pulp!” Dio said while smiling at Barton.

“Well, start lightly! I’ve already heard of your monstrous power, so don’t kill him!” Barton said while sitting back relaxedly.

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