Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 206


Dio didn’t really know why Thor would think that Dio’s attitude towards him was helping him recover his divinity. But Dio was grateful that he didn’t have to deal with the god of thunder again.

“Leave the rest to me!” Thor shouted as he flew straight toward the Destroyer.

Seeing that he was no longer needed, Dio immediately de-summoned [The World] to preserve his Hamon Energy.

Dio stepped aside and observed the fight between Thor and the Destroyer, Dio knew that none of their attacks should be able to harm each other as Thor’s Divinity prevented him from receiving too much damage!

Knowing that his attack didn’t much, Thor immediately rose to the sky and shook the clouds for some thunder and lightning!

The tremendous electrical power in the air created a tornado that immediately engulfed the Destroyer whole.

The scene shocked everyone as none of them ever saw Thor’s way of fighting, they were shocked of the said god to hold so much power that no human would be able to achieve!

Tony on the side was having his own moment, he finally realized that his Iron Man Armor wasn’t anything significant!

There were so many things in the world that he didn’t know about, and therefore countless improvement plans flashed in Tony’s mind.

Thor on the other hand was busy holding off the Destroyer while spinning the Mjolnir on his hand inside the tornado.

The Destroyer, knowing that it couldn’t escape Thor’s tornado, immediately opened its mask and shot another Disintegration Beam towards Thor, and this beam was slightly more powerful than before, but this was what Thor has been waiting for.

As soon as the Destroyer opened its mask, Thor immediately catapulted the Mjolnir towards the Destroyer, striking the beam head-on!

But instead of receiving heavy damage, Thor’s Mjolnir repelled the Disintegration Beam, causing no harm to Thor!

Thor soon reached the Destroyer with high speed, and the collision between the Destroyer and the Mjolnir caused a huge explosion, with the Destroyer’s mask slightly bent and deformed.

Thor was left standing near the knocked-out Destroyer, while looking at the sky, thinking of his next action.

“I never thought that you really were Thor of the mythology!” Jane said as she came closer to Thor.

Thor smiled at Jane, but he knew that he didn’t have the time to think about his own love for now.

“Sif, we have to return back to Asgard Immediately! I have a few words to say to my brother!” Thor said as he shifted his attention to Sif.

“Wait a minute, I have some question that you need to answer!” Coulson said as he felt the need to rush after hearing Thor would go back to Asgard.

“Son of Coul, we will talk later, but I assure you that I, Thor would like to form an alliance with your organization on behalf of Asgard! Now, I have some urgent matters that I need to attend to! Until we meet again, Son of Coul!” Thor said to Coulson wisely.

“I hope that Asgard wouldn’t change their mind as soon as you leave the Earth, I would like to keep this place intact! Hope we don’t have any bad blood between us!” Coulson said solemnly.

“Relax, Asgard is a peace-loving country! You have my word!” Thor said reassuringly.

Then Thor immediately walked toward Dio and Barton confidently, while Coulson was sweating profusely, Coulson thought that maybe Thor wanted to settle some score with Dio or Barton as they had their moments with Thor before!

“I think I should properly introduce my self again, I am Thor, Son of Odin, a Warrior of Asgard!” Thor said as he reached extended his hand.

“I am Dio Brando, an ordinary Earthling, currently resides in New York!” Dio said as he shook Thor’s hand.

“No, I mean to ask your other identity!” Thor said as he grew confused.

“What other identity? I never leave the Earth, and in fact, I never even leave the United States of America before!” Dio said as he showed a sign of confusion.

Thor’s question resulted in some theory in Coulson’s mind, he never truly believed that Dio was a mere human with a good fortune, there must be something else!

“Thor, it doesn’t matter right now! You can ask Odin himself when you return to Asgard!” Sif said as drag back Thor’s attention to the task at hand.

“Alright, I am going back to Asgard now! I hope you can provide me with the delicious food that you have earlier! The taste is unforgettable!” Thor said towards Dio while walking towards the rainbow that suddenly appeared.

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