Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 205


As he finished charging up his attack, Dio immediately released the [Scarlet Overdrive] to the Destroyer!

Although everyone else on the scene was holding their breath in awe of Dio’s power, Dio knew that his attack meant nothing to the Destroyer!

“Thor! Does this thing have any weakness?” Dio shouted to draw Thor’s attention.

“Mmm, I am not sure! The Destroyer was placed on the Treasure Room to protect it, and I never saw the Destroyer engaged in combat prior to this, all that I know is that thing protected the Treasure Room without fail! No one has stayed alive after entering the Treasure Room without permission!” Thor said embarrassedly.

“Well then, keep up, will you! Try to get your divinity back and help me! I couldn’t hold it much longer!” Dio shouted in a hurry.

After that, Dio immediately stopped using the [Scarlet Overdrive] as he knew that he only wasted his Hamon Energy. By doing so, he immediately uses his speed in an attempt to hold the Destroyer in place, so that it didn’t have the opportunity to attack!

While trying to hold the Destroyer, Dio once again thought of his incapability to resolve the problem in front of him, he couldn’t help but think of obtaining more unique Stands that will grant him an advantage in battles like Killer Queen or D4C.

Dio made up his mind that he will be spending all his savings into gold after this!

Thor was in his own dilemma by that moment, as he knew that he had to help Dio, but he didn’t know how to get his power back! He felt his pride shattered as he was currently hiding behind a Midgardian’s back, incapable of doing anything!

“Mjolnir!” Thor shouted to his heart content, but nothing happened! This time, Thor wasn’t disappointed, but he was angry!

Angry at himself for making a problem for his father and exhausted his mother, he was angry with his recklessness, arrogance, and stupidity! Thor felt regret, unlike no others, forming a thunderous roar on his chest, with a new mindset, Thor shouted once more, “Mjolnir! Heed my call!”

At the same time, at the SHIELD temporary base in the desert, the researchers were surprised to see the hammer suddenly glowed blue. The hammer was generating an electric vortex, causing all the electronic equipment on the base to go haywire. And right when they were trying to control the situation, the hammer flew out of the base with unbelievable speed!

In the desert, everyone was startled of Thor’s thunderous roar. Especially the sudden change of weather above them!

The wind suddenly surged, while thunder and lightning danced above them. Not too long after, a flash of lightning immediately hit Thor, surprising everyone on the scene while Thor himself immediately rose with the Mjolnir on his hand!

Thor had his divinity back! This meant that Odin’s banishment was over right then and there!

Coulson and Barton looked at each other, they finally understood why Dio was adamant that the one who could handle the Destroyer was none other than Thor!

Tony on the side was also shocked to see the true god, he was a skeptical person, but he was forced to believe at that moment as the proof was right in front of his eyes!

At the same time, Thor finally acknowledged his incapability to become the new king of Asgard and finally understood why Odin would exile him like this, it was all to teach him a lesson on life!

Feeling renewed, Thor was planning to apologize to his father and make sure that everything he did earlier would be redeemed and forgiven! He also felt ashamed as he couldn’t believe himself for not feeling any responsibility whatsoever after what he did back then!

“Don’t just stand there! Get your ass up here!” Dio shouted, getting Thor’s attention once more.

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