Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 208


If his hunch was right, this different colored rune should be Loki’s means to control the Destroyer for himself!

Which meant the Destroyer could move at any time now!

Dio’s concern immediately came true as he saw that the Blue Rune was shining once again, Dio believed that Loki was trying to force the Destroyer to move again so that he could use it once more!

But Thor has already gone to Asgard, there was no one there who could stop the Destroyer if it comes back to life!

Knowing that he was cornered as there was no one else in the vicinity who was aware that the Destroyer was going to move again, Dio immediately summoned the [Gold Experience] to try to interfere with the rune!

Dio immediately ordered the [Gold Experience] to put its hands on the rune while activating its ability to see what would happen to the Destroyer.

Unfortunately for Dio, the Destroyer’s defense mechanism activated, and the life energy that the [Gold Experience] was giving to the Destroyer was instantly redirected to Dio, blowing him back several meters away and he vomited blood as a result!

Tony and Coulson were shocked to see Dio suddenly vomited blood even though no one attacked him.

“Dio, are you okay? What happened?” Coulson asked worriedly.

“I am okay! Evacuate this place as soon as possible! The Destroyer will be resurrected soon! I will stay behind and find a way to stop it!” Dio said as he wiped out the blood in his mouth.

Dio had some idea to stop the Destroyer as he finally knew that the Destroyer was moving because of a battery of energy inside of it, so in a way if he could eliminate energy inside, the Destroyer would cease to move!

Tony and Coulson were stunned once again as they heard what Dio had said, they thought that it was all over!

“Do you have a way to stop this thing from moving again?” Tony asked Dio worriedly.

“I have some idea, but I am not sure if it’s going to work! That is why you must evacuate this place now!” Dio shouted to Tony and Coulson.

Dio kept his eyes on the Destroyer while focusing all the Hamon energy that he had on his hands.

This move had its own risk, as Dio couldn’t regenerate from his injuries by himself, and therefore was forced to order the [Gold Experience] to heal him while he concentrates.

“Okay, but if things don’t go as you planned, leave as soon as you can!” Coulson said as he ordered everyone in the vicinity to leave the area.

As soon as everyone started to leave, Dio saw that the Blue Rune suddenly glowed brighter, and the Destroyer immediately moved!

Tony immediately grabbed Coulson and flew away to the sky, there was nothing else the Iron Man could do except believing Dio to finish the job!

Dio, on the other hand, immediately summoned [The World] and ordered it to keep the Destroyer’s mask open!

And after that, Dio immediately put his hands on the opening on the Destroyer’s head and released all the accumulated Hamon Energy on his arm!

In theory, Dio’s energy will cancel Loki’s energy, thus erasing the rune that Loki had made!

Dio’s plan was immediately showing the result, as Dio noticed that his energy was indeed canceling the energy from the blue rune!

But soon enough, he was struck by another dilemma, the Destroyer suddenly emitted red light on the opening where Dio’s hands currently were, signaling that it will shoot out the disintegration beam in any second!

Dio knew that was Loki’s answer after knowing that the Destroyer couldn’t close its mask and didn’t move from its spot!

Annoyed by this sudden turn of event, Dio immediately activated shouted, “The World!”

Dio only had 3 seconds, and those 3 seconds were enough for him to erase Loki’s rune on the Destroyer!

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