Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 209


When the time flow returned to normal, the Blue Rune was destroyed, and the Destroyer immediately fell to the ground, unmoved!

Dio knew that the only one who could make the Destroyer move again was only Odin, but as Dio knew that Odin was in a deep sleep at that moment, the Destroyer wouldn’t be moving for a while!

Seeing the Destroyer was already on the ground, Tony and Coulson immediately landed near Dio, but Dio could still see the worry on Coulson’s face.

“Is it over?” Coulson asked.

“No, not really.” Dio said casually.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Coulson asked worriedly.

“It means that the person, who sent this armor here, will no longer able to control this thing, but if the real owner has given the order, this thing would probably move again.” Dio explained.

“But don’t worry, the real owner wouldn’t attack anything on Earth!” Dio said to try to reassure Coulson.

But the truth was Dio had tried to remove the Golden Rune with his own energy, but nothing happened!

At the same time, he realized that Odin’s power was still beyond his, and therefore, Dio wouldn’t be able to erase the rune that was the extension of Odin’s power!

“What did you do earlier? It seemed like you already know this thing too well!” Tony said to Dio curiously.

“I am afraid even if I break it down to you, you still wouldn’t understand anything!” Dio said as he sighed and turned his attention back to the Destroyer.

Tony was pissed off by Dio’s offhand comment, as he was hailed as the Genius of the world!

Tony immediately made a promise to himself that he would learn all there was to this universe and made himself the most genius person in the universe!

For now, he will let Dio’s comment slide as that was no place to argue.

Soon enough, the reinforcement from SHIELD arrived and immediately recovered the Destroyer’s armor while taking Jane and Dr. Selvig away.

Dio knew that the SHIELD would immediately conduct an experiment on it as soon as they got their hands on that armor, but Dio also knew that no matter what they did, they wouldn’t be able to break it apart!

Over the next few days, the Earth returned to normal, but the influence of Asgard’s arrival was still visible on Earth!

The International Security Council finally relented to Nick Fury’s request to make the Hero Program to save the Earth later. This was all thanks to the unknown threat that they thought was impossible at the beginning!

The country around the globe began to formulate new weapons on the premise that the Earth will be somehow invaded by an unknown force!

Some even turned to mutant’s power, as it was the closest thing to a superhero, but in America, the mutants couldn’t thrive as they were still deemed a dangerous freak!

Nick Fury, on the other hand, was reapproved by the International Security Council to become the Director of the SHIELD once again, removing his previous punishment and the approval of the Avengers program.

As soon as he got the good news, Nick immediately set everything in motion. His first move was to analyze and study the Tesseract that he recently got his hands on.

He had to weaponize the cube as soon as possible since he had to prepare for the worse. The next thing Nick did was appointing Tony Stark to be a security consultant of the SHIELD and made a joint research team with the Stark Industries! He wanted Tony to research the Destroyer’s armor as soon as possible and made sure that the armor power could be used for Earth in the future!

But this second plan soon fell into an impossible task, as they couldn’t do anything to the armor, not even the strongest concentrated laser could cut it down to size!

So instead of trying to damage the armor, which was proven impossible, Tony immediately scanned it using the supercomputer and tried to find the armor’s material.

Tony couldn’t help but thought that Dio must’ve known something about that armor!

Tony had tried to ask Dio on several occasions, but Dio always said that he knew nothing, which annoyed Tony a little bit.

Dio, on the other hand, took a deep sigh as he knew that Odin would soon take back the armor as soon as he woke up from his slumber!

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