Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 288


Dio got up early this morning. He wanted to know what kind of idiot dared to target his restaurant with a bomb!

Couldn’t those people understand that all Dio wanted to do was earning money! Dio was determined to kill the person that would bring trouble to his restaurant as soon as he saw that person got close to his establishment!

The entire morning, he didn’t see any suspicious person near his restaurant, and so he spent the day as usual and had a good nutritious meal for lunch with Crystal.

While he was cooking for his customer, he dispatched [Hanged Man] to watch over the restaurant’s front door to check any suspicious man that resembled Crystal’s description.

But until it was almost closing time, the person that was supposed to bomb Dio’s place didn’t show up. The restaurant was peaceful, like always. Nothing major happened in the vicinity!

  . . . . . . . . .

At the same time, a man driving a black jeep close to the Stark Building was holding his dog tag nervously.

“Calm down! I don’t want you to blow up in the car!” The other person on the car said indifferently.

“I can’t wait for Killian to get out of that building so that I can blow it up to the sky!” The first man said nervously.

“Shut up! It’s not the time yet! We have to get Stark to perfect the Extremist Virus first! If you ruin our plan, I will cut your head off right now!” the second man said while chewing a gum. However, the first man suddenly became red; his skin gradually began to change into a deep red colour!

“I think I am about to blow! I can’t control it anymore!” the first man said nervously.

“Fuck! Why did the organization use someone as weak as you!” the second man said, slightly annoyed as he looked into the first man. Then he looked around and saw Dio’s restaurant. Suddenly he got an idea.

“Hey, why don’t you blow up that restaurant instead? The owner is rumored to be a good friend of Tony Stark! It was opened yesterday, and it seems Tony even attended with his trademark Iron Man suit! Besides, it littered with celebrities and wealthy people. Your sacrifice would be valuable!” The second man said indifferently.

“You are right! I will send them to meet the lords painlessly!” the first man said as he immediately prepared to go out of the car and blow out Dio’s restaurant.

But at the same time, Killian has finished his meeting with Tony and being walked out by Pepper herself as an act of courtesy.

 After Killian bid his farewell to Pepper, he immediately walked toward the black jeep and entered the car.

“Killian, let me declare war to Tony Stark! I couldn’t hold it anymore!” The first man said to Killian as he held out his disgruntled voice.

“No! this is not the time yet! Just think about your family! Calm your self down! Your anger will soon be heard!” Killian said to the first man.

The first man let out a sigh, and as he closed his eyes to think of his family as Killian suggested, the deep red colour from his skin gradually turned back to normal.

On the other hand, the second man that was still chewing a bubble gum, shook his head in disappointment as he thought of how boring it was to just wait like this.

  . . . . . . . . . .

For the whole day, Dio was vigilant of anyone that may pose a threat to his establishment, but the scene that Crystal saw in her nightmare didn’t happen!

While he thought that it was a little bit weird that nothing really happened, he began to wonder whether his action last night successfully disrupt the black mist’s ability to turn Crystal’s nightmare into a reality!

But there was also the possibility that it wasn’t meant to happen that day; it may take a while for it to happen!

He was determined to stay vigilant for a couple more days so that he knew for sure that Crystal’s nightmare was really the cause of her own bad luck!

He would also observe Crystal with the camera that he installed in Crystal’s bedroom. With that, he could get information from Zeppeli as soon as Crystal had a bad dream. Therefore, he could get another opportunity to capture the Black Mist once more.

After a few days, Dio’s guess was correct! The black mist never showed up again in these few days, and Crystal was sleeping soundly at night! Dio didn’t know whether this meant that he got good news or not at all!

Following the next day, Pepper came over to ask Dio whether Tony had talked about his sudden busy schedule with Dio as Pepper started to think that there was something wrong with Tony in this couple few days.

Dio told her that he didn’t have any idea of what Tony would do as he never talked to him about his personal business.

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