Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 287


“Where do you think you are going!” Dio said as he reached out to the retreating black mist, but sadly Dio wasn’t fast enough!

Dio then grabbed Crystal’s hands and immediately transmitted his Hamon Energy to Crystal’s hand while thinking that it could attack the black mist from within.

Crystal, who was clearly having a nightmare before, now showed a relaxed and comfortable expression on her face.

Dio frowned as he couldn’t feel the black mist’s presence from Crystal’s body. It was like the black mist didn’t even exist in the first place!

If he didn’t destroy some of the black mist himself earlier, he might be having a hard time believing that the creature even existed!

While Dio was still left wondering what the black mist really is, Crystal suddenly opened her eyes! Dio was surprised as he doesn’t have any reason to be inside Crystal’s room.

“Uhm, I am here as I heard you scream! I thought you might be in danger, but it turns out just a nightmare!” Dio said as he tried to give a valid reason for why he was inside Crystal’s room. “Go back to sleep. I will go back to my room now.” Dio said as he walked out of Crystal’s room immediately, avoiding the awkward moment.

“No, don’t go! I am scared! I am just having a nightmare that I seemingly can’t wake up from! Can you at least stay until I fall back to sleep?” Crystal said as she looked at Dio hopefully.

Dio was surprised and suddenly felt he didn’t know what to do, but he immediately decided to stay and sat on the chair near Crystal’s bed.

“Do you still remember what nightmare you had earlier?” Dio asked curiously. He realized that the black mist might be up to something as it didn’t retreat right away as soon as Dio entered the room; instead, it constantly transformed its form in an attempt to scare Dio away.

Furthermore, Crystal was still able to tell that she was having a nightmare before waking up, so Dio knew that he was making progress on figuring out Crystal’s power!

Although Crystal didn’t know the reason why Dio wanted to know her nightmare, she might as well talk about it to ease her fear a little bit. “I don’t remember all the details, but I remember that it was very dark! I remember that some man with a briefcase that I never saw before came to the restaurant and suddenly an explosion engulfed everything! It was horrible; many people died because of the explosion!” Crystal said as she showed a horrified expression.

“That’s enough for now, Crystal. Go back to sleep; you need to rest!” Dio said as he felt Crystal didn’t have to remember her nightmare any further. Everything from a dream was just an imagination, a fake! There is nothing you need to be afraid of. Now sleep, you still have work to do tomorrow.” Dio said warmly.

“Thank you, Mr. Dio. I am so much better now.” Crystal said as she closed her eyes to go back to sleep.

Dio immediately left Crystal’s room and returned to his own room. Inside his room, he ordered Zeppeli to show him the footage of Crystal’s room when she was having a nightmare. He was serious now. If his guess was correct, Crystal’s nightmare would become a reality soon!

Zeppeli immediately played the video that Dio wanted to watch, but Dio couldn’t see the black mist in Crystal’s body.

Even though he was using his Hamon Energy on his eyes to detect the black mist on the video, he still couldn’t see it! It seemed that the black mist only could be seen in person.

That meant it was an Energy or Spiritual existence because the camera should record any other kind of creature!

Dio hit another wall as the black mist’s existence was hard to decipher. But for the time being, he knew what to do for the next incident!

An unknown man with a briefcase would bring a bomb to the restaurant!

Dio then started to write the critical information on his phone’s reminder, so that he wouldn’t forget about it the next day!

The explosion wouldn’t harm him in any way, but the restaurant has only opened for one day. If it blew up and many people died. As a result, he would receive public backlashes and unable to continue his restaurant business.

But Dio now knew one critical information to defeat Crystal’s black mist! It seemed the black mist was easily destroyed with his Hamon Energy! He could use it to destroy it once and for all as soon as Dio got the opportunity to!

But Dio started to wonder if the black mist was able to materialise the nightmare that Cristal had. Then, could it also materialise the good dream? Currently, Dio didn’t know whether the black mist’s power was Reality Warper or a powerful Precogs!

Because of that, Dio wasn’t quite sure whether the black mist could affect his personal bad luck or not. If he could change his luck for just a moment, he was sure to get his hands on some strong Stand!

For now, Dio thought of some way to prevent Crystal’s nightmare to materialise again. He ordered Zeppeli to watch over Crystal 24/7, and once Crystal showed a sign that she was having a nightmare, he ordered Zeppeli to forcefully wake her up immediately!

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