Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 290


When Tony walked into the restaurant with a black man, Dio immediately knew who he was. Still, Dio wasn’t expecting the famous War Machine, who usually looked serious, to be this excited to meet Dio.

Dio has finally had enough of Rhodey’s fanboying him around, and he immediately signaled Tony to do something about it.

“Rhodey, that is enough! We have another thing to do right now, save your starstruck for later!” Tony said as he pulled Rhodey to sit on the sofa next to him.

Rhodey immediately calmed down and stopped himself from asking any fan-based question to Dio.

“So, did you have any information about the terrorist group that we didn’t know of?” Tony asked Dio curiously.

“Yeah, I know where the Mandarin base is, it was the one on this picture! But I am afraid that the Mandarin on this manor was just a fake!” Dio said annoyedly as he handed Tony the photo of the manor that become the base operation for the Mandarin.

“A fake? So, who is the real Mandarin?” Tony asked as he got confused.

“You should have known him better; after all, he came to you a while ago, and even had a good chat with Pepper,” Dio said casually.

“Aldrich Killian?” Tony asked surprisedly.

“What, you knew the guy?” Rhodey asked confusedly.

“This is not good! I send Happy to spy on Killian!” Tony said as he immediately called Happily, but his call went straight to voicemail. “This is not good! Something must have happened to Happy! He is in danger!” Tony said as he immediately left Dio restaurant. Rhodey immediately followed and nodded to Dio as he understood that he had to help Tony.

However, Dio was staying at his restaurant. He knew that the black mist in Crystal could appear again in his absence. If that happened, there was no telling what incident could happen!

  . . . . . . . . .

When Tony and Rhodes finally arrived on the scene, the place was a mess! Tony immediately saw Happy lying on the ground, but thankfully he was still alive! Tony immediately called an ambulance to take Happy to the hospital for treatment.

Tony was worried as it was because of his own egotistical mistake that Happy almost died! He waited for Happy’s recovery in the hospital, but soon got annoyed as a group of reporters kept pestering him about the latest bombing incident that injured Happy.

Tony finally had enough that he took his sunglasses off and immediately hold a camera for his war declaration for the Mandarin!

“Hear me out now, Mandarin! I will find you and destroy your carefully laid out plan!” Tony said to the camera confidently. Tony also gave out his villa’s address on his little speech for Mandarin!

  . . . . . . . .

The news was live, so Dio was able to see what was happening in Tony’s end. He frowned as soon as Tony told the world his villa’s address. Tony’s action right now was utterly idiotic!

“Zeppeli! Call Tony for me!” Dio said after the news ended as Tony drove away.

“I am sorry, sir, but all communication towards Master Tony is turned off! But I can leave a voicemail, do you want me to do that, sir?” Zeppeli said in a robotic tone.

“No, there is no need! Did I have more reservations for today?” Dio asked casually.

“No, sir. In fact, all reservations for tomorrow were canceled!” Zeppeli said with his robotic voice.

Dio was annoyed beyond measure now. This was the first time since the history of him opening this restaurant that he had a day to himself as all reservations were canceled! This terrorist group was really asking for death!

“Crystal, let’s go! We would have a little drive now!” Dio shouted for Crystal. He was aware that Crystal couldn’t be left alone, so all he had to do is bring Crystal with him!

Crystal immediately rushed outside and eagerly jumped inside the car and fastened her seat belt without making any fuss! Dio then immediately drove towards Tony’s villa as he knew that the terrorist would target it immediately.

Dio wondered how many times would Tony rebuild the villa as it was always destroyed in every single major incident!

“Stay in the car no matter what, okay!” Dio said to Crystal as he parked his car a little bit away from the villa for safety!

Crystal nodded her head as she was starting to get nervous for the guns’ blazing sound in the distance!

Tony’s villa was under attack, Dio had already predicted this to happen since Tony told the world his home address!

Dio immediately rushed forwards and started destroying the helicopter that bombed Tony’s villa.

 He immediately grabbed Pepper, Tony, and one unknown woman from inside Tony’s collapsing villa.

“What are you doing here?” Tony asked Dio in the middle of combat.

“Don’t you dare ask me that question! Are you out of your mind? Why are you taunting a terrorist group by giving them your address! The Hulk was probably smarter than you, and he was just a big baby!” Dio said annoyedly.

At the same time, Pepper had enough of Tony’s unreasonable behavior! Obviously, the disappointment and frustration have pent up since Tony’s weird behavior started!

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