Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 291


Pepper had enough! One time, she woke up in the morning only to find Tony was sleeping next to her while wearing the Iron Man’s suit! Pepper was terrified! Although she was a strong woman, there was so much that a woman could take!

Tony, who noticed that Pepper was upset and was on the verge of crying immediately held her and tried to apologize! “Pepper, I am so sorry! I didn’t know it would come to this!” Tony said as he tried to calm Pepper down.

“No! you brought this to yourself, Tony! You clearly don’t care about my feelings right now! I think we should take a break now! We should talk about this matter once things started to calm down!” Pepper said to Tony as she looked very sad. She thought that she could hold it in, but Tony’s word just caused her mind to slip, and all the negative energy that she has been trying to hold back, burst out in the open!

In fact, Pepper wanted to ask which one was more important for Tony right now, her or his Iron Man suit! But she didn’t have the heart to put Tony on the spot like that. It was ridiculous of her to be jealous of a suit of iron armour, but the reality right now was unfavourable for her!

“No, Pepper! Listen to me. I admit that after the Battle of New York, I have been acting strangely! But I only did so because I am trying to process the new information that changed my world! Gods, aliens, other dimensions, possibly a new kind of physics, and here I am on earth with my suit of iron! Do you understand how I feel? a feeling of worthlessness and helplessness!” Tony said to Pepper honestly.

“That is why I need you! You are my normal in a world full of strangeness; you are my rock that keeps me tied to reality! I love you Pepper, so please don’t do this!” Tony said hopefully.

Dio saw all this unravelled in front of his eyes, although he wanted to laugh at Tony for being a cheesy man, he couldn’t! The look on Tony’s face was the sincerest look that he ever got to see from Tony! In fact, Dio was starting to envy Tony a little bit, for he has already had a woman that would love him unconditionally.

“Tony! Action speaks louder than words! You ignore me every night as you keep tinkering your Iron Man Suit nonstop! Am I really as needed as you said I was?” Pepper asked honestly.

“You may be right! I have put so much pressure on myself that makes me hard to fall asleep at night, but I always stayed by your side until you fall asleep, didn’t I? I must make a stronger armour, Pepper! I have to do it if I want to guard my most important treasure!” Tony said sincerely.

“So what about your Iron Man armour! Am I more important than them?” Pepper asked the final question that she wanted to ask a long time ago!

“The Iron Man suit? They are a part of me! They are like my extended limbs, the only thing that could give me a sense of security!” Tony said confidently. Tony’s answer made the atmosphere suddenly changed, while previously it was romantic as Tony pleaded for Pepper to stay, but now Dio knew that there is no way Pepper would stay with Tony!

Pepper was deemed to be a treasure to Tony, but the Iron Man suit was a part of him? Go figure!

Sure enough, Pepper stepped forward and held Tony’s face lovingly in her hands.

“Tony! This is the first time in my heart after knowing you for so long that I believe maybe, we aren’t suited for each other! While in the past, you keep changing your woman like changing clothes, I don’t really mind it as I know that those women were only a passing thought for you, they would never hold your heart! But now I realize that the real rival for your love is the Iron Man suit, maybe there would be no women on this earth that could stay by your side. But that was fine. Your Iron Man suit would be there for you no matter what! They would give you the sense of security you needed and accompany you to do anything you want!” Pepper said as tears fell from her eyes.

“So, I think this is the best decision for us! You will have my resignation tomorrow, and during the time I am not there beside you, please cheer up! Because in my heart, I would always love you as you are!” Pepper said as she stepped backward and immediately left alone.

Tony was staring at Pepper retreating figure blankly, he wanted to shout for Pepper to come back, but he couldn’t say anything as he didn’t know how to persuade Pepper stay this time!

“By the way, I won’t be here for you either! It seems friendship is also out of the question for you! Besides, this woman was working for Killian, believe it or not!” Dio said casually as he left.

Tony turned his attention abruptly to the unknown woman on the scene. He knew that this woman was strange, but he would never guess that she was working for Killian.

“Hey, think about it a little. There is no way I work for that terrorist group if I am here getting bombed, just like you!” the woman said, trying to convince Tony that she wasn’t part of the terrorist group.

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