Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 295


Dio immediately threw his knife at the woman!

Even though the knife was just an ordinary kitchen knife, Dio had already infused his Hamon Energy to the knife, making it incredibly durable and sharp!

The woman tried to melt the knife that was thrown at her, but sadly her Extremis Virus’s power wasn’t enough to melt Dio’s knife, so the knife cut through to the woman’s hands easily! She immediately screamed as her hands were badly injured!

She didn’t understand why her power couldn’t melt the knife, but she knew that the wound would be gone in a couple of seconds. Before she was injected by the Extremist Virus, she was missing an arm, but as she was injected by the Extremist Virus, her missing arm grew back! She knew that she had the Super Healing Factor from the Extremist Virus, so she knew that she didn’t need to be afraid of anything!

But the pain was still there! She was determined to let the chef know her dissatisfaction personally!

But unfortunately for her, she picked a wrong opponent this time! All her power was just a joke in front of Dio. It wasn’t even a joke that was worth laughing at! Dio immediately activated his [White Album] ability for a second, and the unfortunate girl was immediately frozen in place! Dio immediately punched her straight on the chest, shattering her to million pieces!

After seeing the horrifying scene in front of him, the man was terrified! He subconsciously stepped back to escape! After he was injected with the Extremist Virus, the man hasn’t seen anything that could make him feel fear. This was the first time he saw the woman who had the same kind of ability as him being shattered into pieces!

“Who are you? what have you done?” The man asked in fear. The man’s skin was flickering in bright orange colour, he knew that his anxiety could make him blow up at any moment now!

“You dare to ask who I am after you make a mess inside my restaurant? Not only you arrogantly walked in without a proper understanding of my place, but you also destroyed many high-end pricey techs! you only need to know one thing, this knife in my hands would be your death!” Dio said as he was annoyed and furious at the same time.

“Stay back! Believe me, I will blow up if you come any closer!” the man said anxiously.

Dio didn’t care; he quickly transformed the knife in his hands into a drill and walked towards the man indifferently.

“You clearly don’t understand anything; then we should die together!” The man said as his skin flickered in dark orange colour.

“I hate to disappoint you, but I am a very busy person! I am afraid I don’t have the time to play!” Dio said as he immediately used [White Album] once again and held the man’s head. He immediately used the [White Album]’s ability once again, and the man was instantly frozen solid!

Dio immediately used his knife that he has transformed into a drill and stabbed the man rapidly! As the man was frozen solid, the drill made a dozen holes on his body! The man was clearly dead from the absolute zero ability, but Dio wasn’t content before he destroyed the enemy completely!

“Fuck! Now I have to clean up the place all over again!” Dio said in annoyance.

Dio immediately remembered that Pepper was still there, and he immediately turned back his attention towards her.

“Shit, I am sorry! I forgot you are still here. I hope the scene just now doesn’t affect your appetite!” Dio said hopefully.

“I hope so too, but this scene definitely affects my appetite!” Pepper said as she tried to step away from the mess on the floor. But unfortunately for her, she stepped on the woman’s eye that was scattered on the floor! She couldn’t hold it in anymore and run towards the wall and immediately vomited!

“I am sorry, this is definitely my fault for not considering your presence.” Dio said apologetically to Pepper. It was truly his responsibility to make sure that his guest was comfortable while they were his establishment, but as he was furious, he forgot about that completely!

Dio immediately pulled out his phone and immediately called someone to explain what happened in his restaurant as he waited for Pepper to finish vomiting.

When she was finally done, Dio immediately hung up and approached her carefully.

“It seems your meal for today has to be cancelled, I am sorry, but I think it’s better for you to return home and get some rest.” Dio said carefully.

“You are right. I feel light-headed now. I will find someone to rebuild your restaurant back to what it was before.” Pepper said as she trudged across the shattered glass door and human remains toward her car.

“No. it has nothing to do with you. Clearly, you are just here to enjoy your meal but interrupted by a bunch of scumbags! This is just a bad luck on our end, and I’ve already called someone to clean this mess up!” Dio said casually to Pepper.

“No, it clearly has something to do with me! I knew that man. He is Killian’s bodyguard or maybe his driver. I’ve already met him once when Killian came to meet Tony earlier! Don’t worry, the constructor who usually handles Tony’s house construction is almost done rebuilding the villa. I will immediately tell him to work here as soon as possible!” Pepper said determinedly.

“Well, if you’ve already made up your mind, I am sorry to trouble you once again. But if you are sure that the man earlier was coming to get you, it’s better to stay with me for the moment.” Dio said as he wanted to do good for Pepper.

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