Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 294


This is the real mindset of Nick Fury! Everything aside from earth’s safety was trivial for him! If there was a terrorist attack, as long as they didn’t use a nuclear-powered weapon or something of that calibre, he wouldn’t care! After all, Tony was fighting them too. There was no need for the SHIELD to get involved here!

“Is this alright, Director? The terrorist doesn’t seem to be an ordinary human; the agents that we sent to infiltrate their base almost couldn’t return!” Coulson said as he stood beside Nick Fury in Fury’s office.

“It’s just a cheap trick! We have to focus on restoring New York to what it used to be, if not better! after all, even if Tony failed, that man wouldn’t let the terrorist won!” Fury said confidently.

“Shoot, I forgot that man was also involved now! He loves money so much that a little setback would set him off!” Coulson said as he laughed at his own forgetfulness!

“Nice to have you finally remember that! Now go back to work, I don’t want to miss anything that could be a threat to the planet!” Fury said commandingly.

Coulson nodded and immediately walked out of Fury’s office.

  . . . . . . . . .

The next day, Dio was still annoyed that there was still no reservation at his restaurant. In the middle of the day, Pepper came to Dio’s restaurant while looking kind of tired herself!

“I see, your restaurant has received the impact of the terrorist attack on New York too! No wonder you came to save Tony yesterday!” Pepper said as she sat on the lounge sofa!

“You see, the rich and wealthy are totally afraid of the probability that they could be dead if they come to New York, especially a crowded place like this Avenger Building Area. They all cancelled their reservation just like that!” Dio said annoyedly.

“If you told them that your place was one of the safest places in New York, they might reconsider you know!” Pepper said as she gave her advice.

“I couldn’t do that! My words would have no immediate proof to them! Even if I send the picture of the bunker to them, I doubt that they want to risk it!” Dio said helplessly.

“Well, that was a good place to start! After all, there might be people out there who want to reserve a spot at your restaurant after hearing that statement comes from the infamous mysterious grim reaper himself!” Pepper said as she giggled.

“Wow, you already know too much, Ms. Pepper! I am afraid I have to kill you to hide my identity!” Dio said as he laughed along with Pepper. 

“Did you hear any news from Tony?” Pepper asked as she was finally done laughing.

“I didn’t hear anything from him after that day! But don’t worry too much! I believe that he is currently giving a hard time to those terrorists! I know that as soon as he defeated that terrorist group, he would come running back to you!” Dio said as he served Pepper a glass of water!

Pepper immediately drank the water and sighed in satisfaction.

“Your glass of water never failed to satisfy me!” Pepper said.

“Of course! It’s my trade, after all!” Dio said as he smiled at Pepper.

“Well, since you are free! I would like to dine here, please! I will leave the treatment to you. I would trust your decision!” Pepper said excitedly as she heard Dio’s boasting his water.

“Thank god! Finally, a customer! I will give you a 90% discount for now!” Dio said thankfully.

“You don’t need to do that for me, you know! I would be glad if you can give me the water earlier!” Pepper said shyly.

“Of course! You can have another glass of water!” Dio said as he refilled Pepper’s glass.

“Just a glass? Why are you so stingy to me?” Pepper said as she pretended to be insulted.

“You see, you would be full of water before the dish even gets a chance to shine.” Dio said as he laughed a little bit. “But sure! Help yourself! But don’t cry when your stomach is already full when the food arrives, okay?” Dio said casually as he put back the water pot on the table and walked towards the kitchen.

Pepper shrugged and drank a couple more glass after Dio left, and she immediately restrained herself from getting another glass of water as she hadn’t come to Dio’s restaurant for a while. She knew that as soon as Dio’s dish hit the table, she wouldn’t be able to control her appetite!

But at the same time, a man parked his jeep in front of the Avenger Building, and a woman immediately entered the car.

“The target is not inside, I figured that she’s just here to eat!” the woman said to the man annoyedly.

“She might be eating inside that restaurant over there, I heard that the owner was a close friend of Stark!” the man said indifferently.

“Should we also go inside? I am starving!” the woman said casually.

“Sure! It might go according to our plan!” the man said indifferently.

The man and the woman soon walked out of the jeep and trudged forward to Dio’s restaurant.

  . . . . . . .

“Sir! Two guests detected! A man and a woman, might they come in?” Zeppeli said as it gave Dio notice of the new guests.

Dio frowned as he didn’t seem to remember receiving any reservation for today. Still, he gave Zeppeli permission to let the two people enter his restaurant as he knew that as soon as they saw the price on the wall, they would immediately turn back!

But after a while!

“Sir! I think you should go out there! There is something off with the two guests!” Zeppeli said urgently.

Dio was startled and immediately checked his phone that was connected to the surveillance camera that he has already installed throughout the restaurant!

“Fuck! This is bad!” Dio said as he immediately rushed towards the door. But he was late once again! The man already broke open his door to the dining room with a blast!

Pepper was shocked after hearing an explosion in a close distance like that! But the woman and the man immediately sensed danger from across their entrance, and the one that they saw was Dio in his chef’s outfit!

“You’re going to pay for that! You will regret ever crossing path with me!” Dio said as his rage peaked. He might look calm from the outside, but someone who could sense negative energy will be able to feel Dio’s malice!

The man and the woman were startled after seeing a chef came out of the kitchen, looking terrifying as he stood with two knives on each hand.

But then they realised that this man was probably just a normal chef that was furious after seeing his restaurant was blown apart, so the woman immediately stepped forward while thinking that she would catch Dio’s knife!

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