Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 300


The next day, Tony came to Pepper’s office with a bunch of flowers in his hand.

“Hi, beautiful! I have booked a seat at your favourite restaurant! we can go now if you like.” Tony said romantically. It might seem that Tony and Pepper have already made up last night based on this conversation, but the truth was that wasn’t the case! Tony still must prove to Pepper that he wouldn’t be solely devoted to the Iron Man Suit! If Pepper ever felt that Tony hasn’t changed his ways, she would leave immediately!

“Tony, I don’t think we should do this! We still have many things to do! In fact, you have an appointment with a reporter at 2.P.M later!” Pepper said with a sigh.

“Oh, come on, but we should eat lunch all the same! Don’t we have to tend to ourselves more than before?!” Tony said to persuade Pepper.

Pepper sighed once again and nodded her head as she knew that Tony would persuade her no matter what! But Pepper couldn’t go too far so she decided to give Tony a different option.

“I only have an hour for lunch, Tony, and my favourite restaurant is literally on the other side of the city! Can we eat at Dio’s today? I have lunch that was botched yesterday. He has already agreed to let me have one free reservation any time! And I also want to thank him again for rescuing me yesterday!” Pepper said excitedly.

Tony immediately frowned as he heard Dio’s name once again from Pepper’s mouth. This morning Tony was awoken quite early because Pepper said Dio’s name in her sleep! Tony was instantly overwhelmed by jealousy!

“Why go there? Why did you want to eat at his place? well, his food is good, but why do we need to go there now?” Tony asked curiously. Tony’s rational thought told him that there would be nothing between Pepper and Dio as he trusted them both, but his heart couldn’t say the same.

“Well, for saving me yesterday. The terrorist attack, remember?” Pepper said confusedly. She knew that Tony was acting a little bit weird today. It almost seemed like Tony wasn’t letting Pepper meet Dio!

After hearing Pepper’s word, Tony should’ve known better, Dio has saved Pepper from danger countless times, which also included saving Tony from many immediate dangers, but as his heart was filled with jealousy, Tony found himself unable to think straight!

“Let’s go, Tony! I want to eat Dio’s food again! I love Dio’s dishes!” Pepper said as she walked towards the door.

Tony sighed and loosened his fist that he unconsciously made while the thought ‘I love Dio …’ that came out from Pepper’s mouth kept repeating in his mind like a broken tape!

“Tony! What’s the matter? You are weird today.” Pepper said curiously. Tony was standing in the middle of the room while she was already at the door; this wasn’t Tony’s usual self at all!

“No, its nothing! Come on, let’s go!” Tony said as he snapped back from his thoughts.

Pepper felt that there was something wrong with Tony, but she couldn’t exactly figure out what was wrong with him, and so she brushed that thought aside and started walking out of the building towards Dio’s restaurant that was literally across the street!

But once Pepper and Dio arrived at the front of the restaurant, they were surprised to see that the sign ‘Closed for Three days’ was hung on the door. Tony sighed in relief after seeing this sign, but Pepper was frowning as she encountered something unusual once more.

“It seems he choose to take some time off! Well, perhaps a sandwich would do just fine. I know a good sandwich place nearby, should we go there?” Tony said casually.

“No, wait! This is not like Dio at all! He wouldn’t close the restaurant willingly like this! I will try calling him first!” Pepper said worriedly.

“Why did you have his number? Did you know him that well again?” Tony asked jealously.

“What are you saying, Tony? Aren’t we all friends with him? Why wouldn’t I have his number?” Pepper said confusedly. Tony was confused too, he didn’t understand why he had to badmouth Dio, but his pride was also preventing him from stopping!

“Friends with a cook? Are you kidding me?” Tony said harshly.

“Tony, stop! What are you talking about right now? Did you hit your head yesterday?” Pepper asked rather concernedly.

“Hit my head? No! This is all because I wake up this morning hearing you saying his name in your sleep, instead of my name! did you find his bed comfortable enough?” Tony said harshly once again, but as soon as he let the word slip, he immediately regretted it, especially after he saw that Pepper was holding back her tears.

Tony immediately stepped forward to console Pepper, but Pepper immediately rejected Tony’s reaching arm!

“Save it, Tony! I never thought that you thought that lowly of me! If I knew better, I should have left you alone to begin with!” Pepper said with a sad tear falling from her eyes.

But at the same time, a figure jumped out of a van and ran towards Dio and Pepper quickly! Pepper, who was the one that spotted this strange sighting, warned Tony of the danger!

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