Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 301


Tony was attacked by a surviving member of the Extremist Group under Killian’s leadership! He was away during the big battle and, once he found out that Killian was dead and the Extremist Group was already crushed, he lost his mind! After all, he knew that the Extremist Virus had no antidote! It took time but he would eventually explode into a million pieces!

And so, he quietly waited for Tony to show himself and to his surprise, Tony really was coming to the restaurant and with his girlfriend to boot! So, once he saw Tony arguing with his girlfriend, he immediately rushed towards Tony in an attempt to blow himself up once he got close enough!

At the same time, after hearing Pepper’s warning, Tony immediately pulled the Iron Man’s arm out of his watch and immediately aimed it behind him! But something unfortunate happened, the terrorist slipped after stepping into a can, and Tony’s shot missed!

The terrorist continued to rush towards Pepper as he knew that he wouldn’t win against Tony anymore but as soon as he got close to Pepper, a figure suddenly showed up and kicked him in the chest, flinging him away from Pepper like a rag doll! Tony immediately rushed toward the terrorist and stunned the guy for safety.

But as soon as he turned back to see Pepper’s condition, he was surprised to see Dio was already there to cover for Pepper! Dio himself only came out after receiving Pepper’s call. He never thought that the terrorist group’s remnant was still out there! The first thought that crossed Dio’s mind was that the black mist yesterday was aiming for Pepper!

However, something unexpected immediately happened! Tony turned around to Dio and immediately punched him with his Iron Man’s fist!

“What are you doing, Tony!” Dio said annoyedly as Tony’s punch didn’t affect him in the slightest as Dio always shielded his body with Hamon Energy!

“Tony! Are you out of your mind!” Pepper said as she was surprised that Tony would do something like this. But Tony ignored Pepper and once again rushed towards Dio, at the same time, Dio realised that this was real! Tony was really going to fight him!

“Tony! Calm down! We should solve this in a civilized manner and talk things through!” Dio said reasonably.

“There is no need to talk things through here! It is obvious to me that you are a snake!” Tony said furiously as he called out the rest of his armour and immediately equipped it!

“What is this, Tony! What are you thinking? Are you under someone’s control or something?” Dio asked as he frowned some more, he didn’t understand what Tony was so mad about! He couldn’t attack Tony as he knew that there were too many people watching right now, so he focused on dodging Tony’s attack.

“Did you know, Dio? I specially made this armour with you in mind! I knew that with your attitude and personality, we would cross paths someday!” Tony said furiously as he tried to hit Dio with his fist!

Dio sensed that something was off! Tony wasn’t one to go on a rampage like this, so he must be under some sort of mind control! The only thing that Dio could think of was Crystal’s power! It seemed that the black mist yesterday was still targeting Dio but decided to use some secret technique to pit Tony against him!

Dio was getting more annoyed as he noticed that Tony pulled out an Adamantium knife to fight him! And so, he caught Tony’s arm and turned him around and whispered in his ear! “You want to fight? You get it! Now, how about we change the place first! This place has become too crowded!” Dio whispered coldly.

Tony immediately looked around and noticed that the place had become too crowded! There were too many people recording their fight and watching the scene! So, without any words, Tony immediately took Dio and flew into the sky towards a new battleground for them both!

Pepper, who was left in front of Dio’s restaurant, frowned as she didn’t understand why Tony was acting like this. But she immediately left the scene as there were too many people watching her right now.

Inside Dio’s restaurant, Crystal, who didn’t know what happened outside and was still immersed in watching TV. But unbeknown to her, the Black Mist came out a little bit and smirked as it knew that its plan was working! It had come out even though Crystal was still awake!

. . . . . . . . .

After flying far away from the restaurant, Tony stopped and threw Dio toward an open field. Based on Jarvis’s scan, this place should be empty!

“I’ll give you one last chance, Tony! Stop, this madness, before I’m forced to stop you forcefully!” Dio said warningly.

“Stop?! Did you think that I will instantly lose to you? Are you that arrogant, or it’s just plain ignorance! I will crush you! I swear to god!” Tony said as he had become too enraged to think clearly.

“Well, suit yourself!” Dio said as he immediately summoned the [White Album] and [Horus]! Dio immediately shot a bunch of ice shards towards Tony with [Horus]’s power. Dio’s ice shard seemed to have no effect as it shattered as soon as it hit Tony’s Vibranium armour but Dio knew that Tony’s armour wasn’t perfect! It was still an experimental product as he couldn’t combine the Vibranium with the Adamantium just yet!

Therefore, Dio knew that the armour should have its limit, the ice shards might look like it was useless but there was no doubt it chipped away Tony armour’s durability bit by bit!

“Hey, Tony! Heads up!” Dio said as he threw a huge ice sculpture towards Tony!

Tony, who was struggling to defend himself against Dio’s ice shards, was surprised to see a giant ice sculpture being suddenly thrown at him like this!

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