Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 329


Although Thor’s plan was risky, Dio knew that it was the best for the current situation! Asgard would no longer become the target for the Dark Elves invasion, and Jane would be able to relieve herself of the Aether from her body soon! Unfortunately, Odin didn’t have the same opinion with Thor and so, knowing Thor wouldn’t listen to him, Odin ordered the closure of the Bifrost, so no one was able to come or leave Asgard!

. . . . . .

In prison, the most important prisoner in Asgard was still left untouched by the Dark Elves as the Dark Elves themselves knew that this man brought nothing but trouble!

“Thor! How lucky I am to be granted your presence! So, what did you come here for? Mock me? But seeing your expression, something bad happened, didn’t it?” Loki said coldly.

“Enough! Put away your illusion, Loki!” Thor said annoyedly. Behind the prison glass, the scene suddenly changed, revealing a scruff looking Loki, instead of the usual neat and tidy Loki!

“Now what! You have seen what this prison does to me, and now what!” Loki said coldly. Thor remained silent as he knew that he would just infuriate Loki further by talking back right now.

“So, is she okay?” Loki said with a sad look after some silence. Thor knew that Loki was a good guy deep down, but his desire to prove that he was capable of Odin completely steered him into a wrong path! But Thor knew that Frigga was different. She was the only one who could calm Loki down. In fact, Frigga was the only one who kept visiting him, here in prison, while everyone turned a blind’s eye against him!

Thor knew that Loki must have heard of what happened to Frigga during the invasion, and Thor also knew that Loki must have regretted being unable to stand by her mother’s side when she needed it! Seeing Loki at his current state, Thor knew that his plan would work! Thor knew that he would feel bad in the end after he deceived Loki, but he had to think that it was only retribution for Loki, who has always deceived him in the past!

“I am not here to mourn with you, Loki! I know that you wanted revenge for what they have done to our mother, and so I am giving you that opportunity now by helping me escape Asgard and comes back later!” Thor said solemnly.

Thor knew that there was no real benefit for Loki to comply with his request, but Thor knows that Loki wouldn’t miss the opportunity to exact revenge against the Dark Elves! But, instead of accepting the offer, Loki laughed sarcastically.

“And why did you think you can trust me?” Loki said in between laughter.

“I don’t trust you, Loki, but sadly my mother did!” Thor said solemnly. With that word, Thor had successfully brought out the rage inside Loki’s heart!

“I never expected to see you this desperate, but when do we leave?” Loki asked with rage in his eyes!

. . . . . . . . . .

Dio, who was observing the scene from a hidden spot, was amazed. He never knew that Thor had this kind of acting skills! He even deceived Loki with his acting! But Dio still wondered whether Loki really was deceived by Thor’s acting or just went along until he could do what he wanted later!

But right now, Dio knew that none of it really mattered! If Loki guided them out of Asgard, Dio didn’t really care what Loki would do next!

After knowing that Loki had agreed to help Thor, Dio left quietly and did his own part! He still had a couple of things to do before he left with Thor! He still had to fetch Jane, and the only way to do that was by using [Khnum]!

Dio walked around to find Asgard casual suit that would look okay when Odin wore it and immediately transformed into Odin to give the order for the group of warriors that guarded her to let her go!

Dio then brought Jane towards the rendezvous point with Thor. There Crystal, Thor, and Loki had waited for his arrival. “Hey, you never told me that this guy was also here!” Loki said annoyedly.

“Shut up, Loki! You don’t have the right to argue now! just remember, if you betray me now, I will kill you myself!” Thor said coldly.

“Don’t worry, Thor! I will keep an eye on him throughout the way, you know, I was still annoyed that I failed to kill him that time!” Dio said with a smile on his face. Both Thor and Loki were surprised as they completely forgot that Dio really wanted to kill Loki!

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