Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 328


After knowing that Odin wanted to meet with him later, Dio wasn’t surprised. He has already predicted that it may come to this! after all, Odin had to show his gratitude in public since an outsider has successfully saved his wife’s life!

Before meeting with Odin, Dio told crystal to wait in the room as it was best for Crystal to stay away from being alone with Jane for the moment. Although he knew that the Aether inside Jane’s body hasn’t come for Crystal again since they arrived in Asgard, Dio still didn’t want to risk it!

After all, there was so much that he didn’t know about the Infinity Gem itself! Even Malekith, who had become the host for the Aether for such a long time, was also incapable of controlling the Aether to his wishes!

And so, Dio walked toward the Throne Room with Thor, and as he arrived there, he overheard that Odin was still discussing the palace’s security with a few people. He was annoyed that the palace’s shield hasn’t come up yet and the fact that Heimdall brought with him as Heimdall claimed that he couldn’t see the invasion coming!

Heimdall was like a true observer for the nine realms, as he could see anything at any time, but this time, he couldn’t see the incoming Dark Elves’ invasion! This meant that Dark Elves’ technology has surpassed that of Asgard! Odin was angry as this meant that Asgard had lost its defensive capabilities!

He then saw Thor and Dio had arrived at the throne room, so Odin immediately dismissed the people that he talked to just now.

After everyone but Thor and Dio left, Odin sighed quite a few times before talking to Thor.

“Now that we have the Aether on our possession, Malekith will try to get it once more!” Odin said as he sighed.

“You’re overestimating this guy!” Thor said confidently.

“What would you know? We don’t even know whether they’re hovering in their invisible jet on top of this palace right now!” Odin said tiredly. “I know that when they attack again, I would have prepared 10.000 soldiers to obliterate them once and for all!” Odin said confidently.

“And how many soldiers from that number will die?” Thor said as he argued with Odin.

“A sacrifice is needed for the greater good! I will not rest until the last of Asgard’s enemy is dead!” Odin said as he yelled at Thor.

With that loud voice coming from Odin, Dio immediately knew that the wise god wasn’t so wise anymore. And plus, Dio also noticed that Odin was no longer fit to battle as an old age could be seen crawling around his appearance.

“If that’s the way you think, what makes you different then Malekith?” Thor asked, increasing the moral pressure to Odin.

“The difference is that the final winner shall be me! He will just be another loser who wishes to take Asgard for themselves!” Odin said confidently.

After hearing that answer, Thor was taken aback! He didn’t know what to say to that argument. Odin knew that Thor was done; there was nothing else that he could say to overturn Odin’s decision!

So, he turned his attention to Dio.

“Dio Brando of Midgard! On behalf of Asgard, I thank you for everything that you did to help us when we were attacked so suddenly.” Odin said solemnly. “But that is me as a king, but let me also thank you for saving my wife! Now, I will grant your request. If it’s within my power, I would make it happen!” Odin said solemnly.

“I want one Pegasus and some Uru metal!” Dio said as he smirked victoriously.

“I will take note of that, as this war was over, I will prepare it for your reward,” Odin said casually, but Odin was slightly annoyed that Dio was asking for something very rare!

Dio nodded his head politely. He knew that this was a way for Odin to use him against the Dark Elves so that the matter could be cleared faster! If Dio refused to help, then Odin could make an excuse about the matter was not over yet.

Dio and Thor immediately left the throne room after that, but Thor was the only one who still had an excited look on his face.

“Don’t worry, father’s promise never falters! If we kill Malekith, everything would be back to normal!” Thor said excitedly. Dio clearly became more annoyed as he heard Thor’s words, after all, the Dark Elves were attacking Thor’s realm and wanted Jane, Thor’s girlfriend. In short, all these shennanigans had nothing to do with Dio.

“What did you think will happen if Malekith got the Aether for himself?” Dio asked Thor to break his annoyance and boredom.

Thor was silent for a second as he thought of what Dio had asked him for, “I think that wouldn’t happen as both of us would be enough to destroy them all!” Thor said confidently.

“Hmm, you sure are confident about this!” Dio said as he rolled his eyes.

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