Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 331


As soon as the Dark Elves were about to retreat, Loki jumped out of the hiding spot and started to kill them one by one! Even though Dio knew Loki’s intention, he didn’t have time to react as he noticed that the Aether that has lost its host was trying to possess Dio’s body!

“Thor! Where is that container that you have prepared for Aether!” Dio said as he dodged the Aether.

Thor, who was surprised by things that happened before his eyes, immediately snapped back to his senses, and took a small capsule-like jar and threw it to Dio! This jar was made specially to contain the Aether particles as it couldn’t be contained by anything else! This jar had a special black stone on each end that was able to stabilize the Aether once it was captured inside.

Thor really wanted to destroy the Aether, but he knew that he couldn’t do that, so the second-best option here was to capture it and seal it somewhere safe! But this time, Thor was feeling a little embarrassed as he still had the pride of Asgard and that he still thought that he was superior then Midgardian like Dio!

But like a slap on his face, Dio once again stole his enemy with one fell swoop! Thor immediately walked towards Dio to help him contain the Aether, but once again, like a hit to his pride, the Aether completely ignored him and kept chasing after Dio!

Dio was very puzzled this time as he knew that previously on earth, the Aether wanted to possess Crystal’s body, and this time it relentlessly chased after Dio! He was very confused regarding Aether’s randomness! Obviously, Crystal wasn’t so far away from him, but it seemed the Aether took no interest in Crystal this time!

In order to understand the reason behind him being targeted by the Aether, Dio deliberately led it towards Crystal, but as if confirming Dio’s earlier theory, the Aether completely ignored Crystal and Jane! “Thor, contain it! I can’t get close!” Dio said as he threw back the jar container to Thor.

Thor nodded and swiftly came between Dio and the Aether to contain it! Fortunately, Thor succeeded in one try! But the strange thing happened once again as Dio felt that the Aether was somewhat sad that it was contained!

“Does the Infinity Gem also have an emotion? How can an object have an emotion? This is very strange!” Dio said to himself. “I am probably just too tired!” Dio said as he shook his head tiredly.

On the other side, Thor, who successfully closed the lid on the container, directly squeezed the container and kept it inside his pocket. He wouldn’t let his sight off this thing as it kept making trouble for him and Asgard!

“We made it! our job is done!” Thor said excitedly to Dio.

“Yeah well, it’s good to be done, but it seems your brother has run away once again!” Dio said as he was slightly amused by Loki’s skill to escape.

Thor immediately froze as he has completely forgotten about Loki’s presence, Thor immediately looked around and saw that Loki was wiping his dagger after killing a dark elf, but he knew that he was already fooled often enough to trust Loki, and so he threw Mjolnir towards Loki!

Unfortunately, the hammer passed through Loki’s body, destroying the illusion that Loki created previously! Thor was a little bit disappointed by his brother’s action, as he really wanted to believe that Loki has changed! But no, he kept tricking Thor again and again! Thor knew that Odin would be mad for two occasions once he got back to Asgard, from directly ignoring the king’s decree and releasing a dangerous criminal!

Thor sighed as he also knew that he would be cleaning after Loki’s mess again in the future! Thor also knew that Loki had someone who helped him for the Battle of New York. There was no way Loki could pull off something like that by himself!


Before returning to Asgard, Dio searched the corpses of the Dark Elves and obtained three Implosion Grenades from them. He wanted to try to replicate the Dark Elf’s technology on earth. If it proved to be a challenge, Dio could just come here again and captured the rest of the Dark Elves to make them do what he wanted!

This thought brought a new idea to Dio’s mind, what if he became the leader of the Dark Elves? After all, they were like a headless chicken right now after the death of Malekith! And so Dio made a mental note to let Odin know that he wanted the Dark Elves later. Otherwise, he knew that Odin would just annihilate them once again!

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