Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 332


Dio wasn’t in a hurry to save the Dark Elves as he knew that Odin wouldn’t attack Svartalheim just yet, and so, Dio and the others returned to Asgard with Thor bringing the Aether and Malekith’s head back! Dio knew that Odin wouldn’t be able to stay mad or furious to Thor. As a result, it showed a great conviction!

While it may be a problem that Loki has escaped once again, Odin still loved Loki as his own son, so he would probably ignore that problem until Loki make another mess!

In the Throne room, Dio kept looking at Odin expectantly as the old god has promised to give him what he wanted after all the Dark Elves trouble has ended.

“The palace would be in repair until next week. I will also hold a ceremony to celebrate the end of the battle with the Dark Elves that day! Your friend will also receive the highest courtesy from Asgard that day!” Odin said solemnly.

Odin knows that he has already on the receiving end due to his old age, he honestly didn’t know how much longer he could keep this position as the King of Asgard, but he wouldn’t give the King’s throne to Thor, at least not until Thor learned that a king sometimes had to make a decision that was against their own heart!

Odin couldn’t help but think that maybe his way of raising Thor was wrong!

After some exchange regarding Thor’s action and Loki’s escape, Thor immediately left the Throne room as he knew that he had disappointed his father once again! On the other hand, Dio took a close look at Odin one last time and followed Thor out of the throne room. He was not sure whether Odin that they met this time was the real Odin, or it already was Loki who has transformed himself into Odin!

Nonetheless, if something has changed one week from now, Dio would know that Loki has taken Odin’s place!


One week passed, and now, the time has come for Odin’s grand ceremony that would celebrate Asgard’s victory over the Dark Elves. The last time this grand festivity was held was when Odin had announced that Thor would become the next King of Asgard a few years ago, that was all before Thor’s exile!

This time Odin was sure that Thor had all the qualities that he needed to become a king, he has already paved a path that would make it so Thor would become the greatest King that Asgard had, and so, Odin has planed for this Grand Ceremony to demonstrate Asgard’s power to the nine realms and raised Thor’s prestige to the next level!

With the achievement of defeating the Dark Elves and saving the Nine Realm from Malekith’s abominable plan, there was truly nothing that could stop Thor from receiving the prestige that Odin wanted him to have! After all, this was also how Bor, Odin’s father, gave Odin the prestige that he had now! He paved Odin’s prestige from winning wars against many enemies!

There was nothing that could increase one’s prestige as effective as winning a war would!


The ceremony went very smoothly, Odin was able to list off Thor’s achievement in pride, and all the people of Asgard has cheered for Thor in delight! This was all according to Odin’s plan. He would like the people of Asgard to see that Thor could become the next King of Asgard!

But Thor’s personality this time was slightly different than what Dio had known in the movie. Instead of feeling happy from the cheers that everyone had given to him, Thor was still humble and said that none of it would have happened if he didn’t receive any help from everyone that equally do their task efficiently!

Dio thought that Thor’s popularity would have suffered from this act of humility, but no! Thor’s prestige had risen through the roof! Clearly, everyone held respect to a humble leader more than a selfish and arrogant leader! If Thor succeeded the throne now, Dio knew that his name would bring another thousand years of peace!

“Next, I want to announce another person that equally shares the same honor that Thor has during the Dark Elves Invasion! He had saved my wife from death like a piece of miracle, and he also played a big part in vanquishing the Dark Elves in Svartalheim!” Odin said charismatically.

“It’s your turn! Just do what I did earlier!” Thor said as he gave Dio a back slap.

Dio then realized that he had to deliver a speech, not a foolish speech that Thor had just done, but something that wouldn’t draw too much attention to himself! He showed up on to the stage while slightly nodded his head to the people of Asgard that expectantly waited for him.

“Now, I introduce you to Dio Brando, a brave man from Midgard! He is Thor’s best friend and Asgard’s eternal friend! He holds the power of sun and life itself, a living miracle!” Odin said as he introduced Dio to the rest of Asgard’s citizens.

Listening to Odin’s introduction made Dio a little bit embarrassed as his previous plan to not draw any unnecessary attention had failed before it even began! He just had to suck it now as he couldn’t possibly take back all of Odin’s words!

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