Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 363


Just as Knowhere was in a state of Chaos, Karina, the pink maid, who was still trapped inside Tivan’s most precious collection, opened her eyes! She was exuding Dark Red Energy particles that melted everything around her!

Like a person in a trance, Karina then absorbed back the energy that was leaking out of her body. After all of the dark red energy was absorbed, Karina walked out of the collection room with a smile on her face while her eyes were still in dark red colour.

Although Tivan hated Karina’s clumsy nature, he knew that Karina would have no place to run and no place to return to, so he gave Karina all the keys to his mansion so she could clean his collections thoroughly. But apparently, that was a mistake!

Karina walked around the mansion, opening doors that she knew housed a powerful artifact, taking the jar filled with the Aether and the orb that housed the Power Gem with her in the process!

“Six infinity gems, and now I have two of them! No one in the universe will be able to stop me!” Karina said as she absorbed the remaining Aether particle left in the jar, she also opened the orb and held the Power Gem directly!

She immediately realized that she had made a huge mistake! As soon as she held the Power Gem in her hand, one by one, her vein turned purple!

She screamed as she felt immense pain as soon as she held the Power Gem!

But instead of exploding like what happened at the original plot, the Aether Particle, or rather the Reality Gem, showed itself and tried to help Karina to control the Power Gem!

It was extremely painful for Karina as the Power Gem started to break her body down, but the Reality Gem tried to hold her body together!

Karina then tried to control the Aether to compress the Power Gem force inside her body forcibly, but she immediately knew that she made an even bigger mistake!

As soon as she forced the Aether to compress the Power Gem energy, it rebounded! Her body immediately shone in purple colour, ready to explode!

Karina eventually exploded, taking the whole collection with her! The Aether particle that also dispersed from the explosion slowly regenerated and escaped through the sewer as it didn’t care what happened to the Power Gem!


A few minutes before the explosion, Tivan was surprised to notice that the silent alarm that he had installed in the Collection Room where he kept the Infinity Gem was triggered!

He was absolutely confused about how somebody could get into his mansion without him knowing!

“You are good! Now, as you already have what you want, get out of my territory!” Tivan said to Ronan with a frown on his face.

“Tivan, are you messing with me? Don’t think a mere barrier like this could stop me from crushing you!” Ronan said as he thought that Tivan was mocking him!

Tivan was taken aback by Ronan’s confusing words. He began to wonder who else dared to steal from him other than Ronan?

But he immediately remembered that he left his maid alone in the mansion, which meant the maid could do so with ease!

With a worried look, Tivan immediately turned around and started running towards his mansion, but as soon as he got close, a purple light shone through countless windows of his mansion, and it all exploded!

Tivan roared as he knew his entire collection was burned to the ground, and now, even his barrier was exposed!

Tivan’s eyes were red with rage! He wanted to know who is the one that destroyed his entire life collection like this, but he couldn’t see anyone that was unharmed from the explosion inside his ruined mansion!

Dio, who was observing the battle from the sideline, was also surprised to see the explosion inside Tivan’s mansion!

Dio knew that this was not Ronan’s doing as Ronan would never use explosion like this. Ronan was more of a power struggle kind of guy!

But then Dio remembered the scene where Tivan’s Maid was trying to take the Power Gem in the movie, the maid ended up exploding, and the aftermath was exactly like the scene that Dio was seeing in front of him right now!

Dio looked at the aftermath in awe as he now understood how powerful the Power Gem really was! But Dio was suddenly reminded by his need of the Yaka Metal that was in Tivan’s possession! He nervously wondered whether the metal survived the powerful explosion or not!

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