Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 362


Dio was still observing the battle from afar as he deemed that he didn’t need to intervene, at least not yet!

He wanted to let the scene develop first, and only once he was sure of the result,  enter the battlefield!

Everything was already going like the plot should be. Gamora already got Nebula under control, while Groot and Rocket only bought time and tried to block of Ronan’s path instead of fighting him head-on! Groot then trapped Nebula inside his root to open a space for Gamora to help others!

Finally, Rocket hit Ronan’s hand with his powerful freeze gun, causing Ronan to drop his hammer, but at the same time, Drax came out of nowhere!

“I want my revenge!” Drax immediately shouted as he ran toward Ronan with his dagger! Ronan immediately dodged Drax’s attack and elbowed Drax in the chest and threw him to the wall!

Then Ronan grabbed Drax’s head and slammed him to the ground! As a result, Drax lost his consciousness.

From this battle, it could be proven that Ronan was one of the best fighters on the universe as he could deal with Drax so easily!

“I don’t remember killing your family or even meeting you, but if you insist on continuing, I will kill you!” Ronan said coldly to Drax.

After Ronan dealt with Drax, Tivan’s soldier felt unsure of their possibility to win against Ronan as they knew that Drax was a hailed fighter of the galaxy!

Ronan then picked up his Warhammer once again and walked towards Groot!

“Groot, run!!” Rocket said as he continued to bombard Ronan with his guns to draw Ronan’s attention from Groot, but Ronan has activated a barrier that bounced every bullet from him!

Groot wasn’t stupid enough to keep standing there while Ronan was walking closer to him, so he abandoned Nebula and ran towards safety!

As she was released, Nebula immediately stared Gamora down! “You have betrayed Father! I will kill you for that!” Nebula said confidently.

“You know that once Thanos gets his hands on this Power Gem, he will be unstoppable! He will kill us all if he gets the gem!” Gamora said as he was trying to persuade Nebula.

“No! you will be the only one who is going to die!” Nebula said coldly as she immediately rushed to attack Gamora.

Meanwhile, Ronan didn’t care about Nebula or Gamora as he walked towards Tivan’s Mansion without hesitation!

Like earlier, Ronan wouldn’t care about others’ well-being as long as he got the Power Gem!

He has planned everything! After he got the Power Gem, he would immediately destroy Xandar and the Nova Empire.

After that, he would immediately deal with Thanos, as Ronan knew that Thanos was a danger to his exploit!

“Fire!” Ronan shouted, and as soon as he did so, a bunch of cannons on his battleship started firing, causing heavy destruction on Knowhere’s infrastructure!

So many troops from Tivan’s side were killed or heavily injured from these cannon barrage!

Tivan gritted his teeth in annoyance as he found it irritating that his troops were so weak! he immediately pulled out a cane from a box and immediately slammed the cane down to the ground!

Suddenly, a grey light appeared from the ground, enveloping his mansion completely! Apparently, this grey light was a barrier!

Ronan immediately told his troop to fire the cannon towards the mansion, and this time, the cannon barrage couldn’t destroy anything as it was blocked by the barrier! Ronan gritted his teeth as he knew that this barrier would be annoying to deal with!

Tivan laughed at Ronan from inside the barrier as he knew that the Blue Giant was frustrated right now, but he also noticed that several of his soldiers knocked on the barrier as they wanted to enter the barrier for their protection too.

But Tivan just looked at them indifferently and left! He didn’t care about the soldiers’ well-being in the first place, so he didn’t have any compassion for them!

“I will kill you! bastard!” Ronan said as he swung his Warhammer to the barrier, but the force from the barrier immediately disarmed Ronan!

“Too bad for you! I already gave you a chance to leave peacefully. Now, you have successfully made me angry!” Tivan said coldly.

Tivan smirked as he knew that Ronan would never be able to penetrate this barrier without knowing its weakness!

The only way that the barrier could be destroyed without deactivating it was to exhaust its energy! But to do so, Ronan would have to waste a lot of resources!

Ronan gritted his teeth in frustration. He seemed to realize that he has underestimated Tivan’s power!

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