Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 365


Gamora and the others weres confused as to who this new guy that made a deal with Tivan was. They clearly showed their curiosity as they never saw this man before. But it was clear to her that this man was arrogant enough to promise Tivan Ronan’s head!

But she was intrigued by Tivan’s attitude toward the new guy. It was clear that Tivan knew that this man was strong enough to do so!

She knew that she already lost the bounty hunter’s track, so she couldn’t possibly hope that the bounty hunter would return to fight Ronan.

The only option left was this new guy who dared to make a deal to take Ronan’s head!

For Dio, Ronan with Power gem wasn’t an invincible enemy. If he used [The World]’s power, Ronan wouldn’t be able to do anything!

He knew from his understanding of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s original plot that the Warhammer that housed the power gem on Ronan’s hand could be destroyed!

After Dio sorted out the deal with Tivan, Gamora and the others couldn’t resist but spoke to the new guy.

“Do you really have a way to kill Ronan?” Gamora asked curiously.

Dio smirked at Gamora’s choice of words. He knows that Gamora didn’t believe an earthling could kill Ronan, and that was why she asked for a way instead of ability or skill!

“What is it to you? why should I explain myself to you?” Dio smiled at Gamora casually. He looked around and smiled as he noticed that his intrusion on kidnapping Star-Lord earlier didn’t go badly on Guardian of the Galaxy’s progress! He saw that everyone was here regardless of Star Lord’s whereabouts.

“If you’re sure of your plan, we will aid you! Xandar is in danger now, Ronan might be there already as we talk!” Gamora said worriedly.

“Okay, you lot can come with me!” Dio said casually. He knew that he wouldn’t get anything on halting Guardian of the Galaxy’s progression any further. After all, there was nothing to lose with helping them either! “But heed my words, I am not responsible for your life!” Dio said warningly as he walked towards his battleship!


In the Dark Battleship, Gamora convinced Rocket to come along once again as the raccoon thought that this battle wasn’t his own!

But eventually, Gamora successfully persuaded, and thus Groot and Drax followed.

Dio let them wait in the lounge as they headed straight to Xandar. Now that all the pieces were complete, Ronan was no longer needed!

At the same time, Knowhere that are destroyed because of Tivan’s battle with Ronan Army was slowly being rebuilt as soon as Dio left! Of course, with Tivan’s money as he was the universe’s richest man!

In the dark alley not too far from Tivan’s ruined mansion, a female alien was making out with her boyfriend without knowing that a strange dark red particle was lurking on a search for a new host! As the couple was too focused on their foreplay, the Aether energy saw an opportunity to get a new host for itself!

It immediately latched on to the woman’s leg and began climbing on to her thigh and slowly inserted itself to the woman’s body!

Suddenly, the woman fainted, startling the man that was making out with her! But soon enough, the woman regained her consciousness, and the man thought that the woman fainted because of his technique! He then grabbed the woman’s hands and invited her to his ships for the continuation!

The woman nodded her head and followed the man to his ship! As soon as they were inside the man’s ship, the woman quickly killed the man as the Dark Red Energy poured through her mouth and suffocated the man!

“Damn, this woman’s body only lasts for ten days! I need to get a stronger host soon!” the woman mumbled to herself, but the Aether was the one who said all of this stuff! Then the woman immediately ignited the man’s engine and disappeared through space!


On Ronan’s battleship, he was on the call with Thanos.

“Now, give that gem to me!” Thanos said commandingly.

“Yes, that was our deal, but I am curious about what can you do if I choose not to give this gem to you?” Ronan said sarcastically.

“Boy, are you challenging me?” Thanos said coldly.

“Damn! How dare I, a mere boy, challenge Thanos, the Mad Titan! But rest assured, after I deal with Xandar, I will let everyone know that there is a new ruler of the Galaxy!” Ronan said coldly as he turned off the feed with Thanos after his last word.

Ronan was determined that he would easily win against Thanos as he now had the Power Gem!

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