Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 366


The whole Xandar became anxious because of Ronan’s battleship, and all of Nova corps’ battleship was dispatched to intercept Ronan before he could reach the ground. The Nova Empire knew that the time for war has come!

Ronan himself smirked inside his battleship when he saw the Nova Empire was trying to slow him down.

He thought that their action was useless because there was no way he could lose with the Power Gem in his arsenal!

Ronan immediately dispatched his own space army to destroy the corps so he could reach the ground faster!

Knowing that they were losing, the Nova Corps immediately chained the ships together, creating a big net made from pure energy!

This energy net successfully stopped Ronan’s battleship midway! Their goal was only to stop Ronan from reaching the ground, and it seemed this energy net was working!

Ronan smirked and immediately ordered his army to suicide bomb the city of Xandar! The army quickly obeyed and destroyed themselves on the city ground, killing many innocent people in the city! Thus, the Nova Empire was in a big dilemma whether to let go of Ronan and save the citizen or keep him at bay!


At the same time, Dio, who finally reached Xandar, saw the chaos Ronan has made! He quickly mounted Galaxy to reach the Nova Empire Command Centre in the middle of Xandar.

The guards who saw authorized personnel approaching immediately prepared themselves for battle!

“Don’t shoot! I am here to offer my help to fight Ronan!” Dio said confidently.

The commander of Xandar immediately went out to meet the stranger as the guard reported that he was alone!

She didn’t know who that man was, but she surely wouldn’t mind having an extra hand to fight Ronan! “Who are you, and why do you want to help us?” The commander said curiously.

“I am a bounty hunter, so as long as it’s business, I wouldn’t mind searching for it!” Dio said as he smirked at the commander.

The guards and the people who came with the commander snorted in laughter as they heard the stranger’s words.

They didn’t believe this man was willing to get his hands on a bounty job to hunt Ronan!

The only one who wasn’t laughing is the commander herself, she didn’t understand it herself, but she could feel that the man in front of her was no ordinary man!

She didn’t know whether the man was simply confident or it was just baseless bravery, but she surely wouldn’t reject the offer!

“So, if I give you a task to kill Ronan, what would you want us to do?” The commander asked curiously.

“Nice question, it is simple! Just let Ronan reach the ground, and I will take care of the rest!” Dio said as he smirked confidently.

“Lies! Don’t listen to him, commander! Clearly, he is Ronan’s underling! There is no other reason to let Ronan reach the ground otherwise!” someone from the commander side said as he didn’t believe the stranger’s word.

The commander didn’t say anything for a while and just stared right into Dio’s eyes intently.

“Now, I don’t care whether you trust me or not, but the first thing you should know is Ronan’s fleet is suicide bombing the city as we speak! This place will become a ruin in no time! Plus, Ronan now has the Power Gem with him.

It’s only a matter of time before Ronan realizes that he could use that thing to break out from your protection net! So, it was better to let him down and deal with him as soon as he steps out from his battleship!

The commander’s face immediately changed after hearing that Ronan had the power gem. She knew that if the stranger’s words were true, then everything they did would be all for naught!

“How can I trust you?” the commander asked worriedly.

“You can’t. You just have to believe and see for yourself!” Dio said as he tapped the communicator on his wrist, and suddenly, a fleet of unknown spaceship started to attack Ronan’s fleet!

The one who controlled the fleet was Gamora, Rocket, Groot, and Drax! They were waiting impatiently for Dio’s signal to begin attacking Ronan’s fleet!

At the same time, Dio’s Dark Battleship also appeared out of nowhere and started to disintegrate Ronan’s fleet!

More than that, Yondu’s Ravager that Dio released before entering Xandar also attacked Ronan’s fleet as they agreed upon their release! Clearly, the sky was chaotic, but it was clear that Ronan’s fleet was losing!

The commander saw what was happening and noticed that the morale of her fleet was increased by this sudden upper hand the unknown fleets provided!

She knew that she had to use this opportunity to strike back at Ronan! So, she knows that she had to trust this unknown bounty hunter for now!

“I, the Commander of the Nova Corps on Xandar, hereby ordered the legion to release the Energy chain! Prioritize saving the innocent people who are being bombarded for now!” the Nova Commander said through her communication device, letting every personal of Nova Corps know her decision!

The Nova Fleets that kept Ronan’s battleship in check immediately released the chain of energy and flew away from Ronan’s battleship to attack Ronan’s fleet that was still bombarding the city!

“Now, my part is done! I hope you can deliver what you said earlier!” Nova Commander said to Dio solemnly.

“Relax, I will do my job!” Dio said as he flew towards Ronan’s battleship with Galaxy.

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