Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 428


A few days later, at SHIELD’s base.

“The rules have changed, and your claim is no longer relevant!” Tony said to Thor confidently.

“That didn’t count; it’s a machine!” Thor said annoyedly.

“So, a machine picking your hammer didn’t count?” Tony asked tauntingly.

“Of course, it’s not really a living being!” Thor shouted annoyedly.

“Nah, he is living just as much as you! your rules surely didn’t count here!” Tony said dismissingly.


Dio sighed as he had to listen to Tony and Thor’s pointless banter. It was much more annoying than seeing two women’s fight!

“Now that Vision can wield your hammer. He can keep the Mind Stone as he would be wise and will not pose a threat to humans!” Thor said as he sighed and ignored Tony’s little victory smirk.

With Thor’s refusal to oppose Tony, the crowds stopped speaking for a short time until Steve speaks again.

“No, I agree with Thor’s words. If you put the hammer on an elevator, the hammer would follow the elevator’s movement.” Steve said confidently.

“No, the elevator is a different thing altogether! It is a machine, yes, but it didn’t have any minds on its own!” Dio said confidently, making Thor speechless, and the others smirked.

“I am going to miss the day when you’re gloomy and silent,” Thor said as he sighed at Dio and Tony.

“Then let’s go. Mind Gem was the 4th Infinity Gem that appeared in recent years! Somebody must have done something behind the scene, and once we have collected all of it, something bad could happen!” Thor said worriedly.

He got an unsettling feeling as he counted the Infinity Stone that they have encountered so far.

“Relax! If you encounter any trouble later, contact me immediately!” Dio said as he handed a snail to Thor.

Dio had taken all the snail back from the Avengers as he deemed the situation was under control. Dio also knew that the next major event would happen in Asgard.

“Hopefully, I would never have to use this thing!” Thor said solemnly as he took the snail from Dio.

Thor knew how hard it was to protect something, but he was extremely grateful that Dio extended his hand whenever Thor needed it! After all, Thor also had a bad feeling about Asgard!

Dio nodded, and Thor immediately held up Mjolnir, summoning the rainbow bridge to return to Asgard.

But the aftermath of summoning the Rainbow Bridge has burned the lawn where they were standing, causing a burn mark with a unique shape.

“That guy doesn’t think about the scenery at all!” Tony said annoyedly.

“Tony, did you forget about something?” Dio asked as soon as Thor left.

“What? I thought that we already made up!” Tony said as he paused and looked at Dio confusingly.

Dio laughed while Steve stood in the corner, enjoying Tony’s worried expression.

“Well, let’s talk about it in private!” Tony said as he gestured for Dio to follow him. Tony didn’t want anyone else to see him apologize to Dio.

“Well, let’s play a game. If you last for an hour, I will forget about all of it!” Dio said as he smiled at Tony and patted his chest as a taunt.

“Hey, what do you mean! Hey!” Tony said as he watched Dio walked away from the garden. But Tony knows that Dio no longer minded his mistake anymore.

But as soon as Tony was about to follow Dio, he noticed that his body suddenly felt heavy and when he looked down, he noticed that a chain and a lock appeared on his chest! Tony was confused, and he felt uneasy as his breathing became heavy!

Tony knew that the lock was Dio’s doing! Steve, who looked over to Tony and Dio’s interaction, also saw the chain and the lock and felt concerned about Tony’s situation.

“Steve! Help me! This chain is too heavy. I can’t breathe!” Tony shouted hurriedly.

“How the hell did you manage to annoy that guy this bad?” Steve asked curiously as he tried to help Tony removed the lock.

Tony immediately fell silent as he remembered the time that he regretted so much! But as he was about to tell the story to Steve, the lock suddenly doubled, and it became heavier!

“I will take you to Dio. I think he is the only one who can open this lock for you!” Steve said apologetically and tried to help Tony walked and reached Dio.

At the same time, Dio was inside the SHIELD’s base and currently watching Nick Fury briefing Avenger’s new member.

There was ‘The Falcon’ Sam, ‘War Machine’ James Rhodes, Vision, ‘Scarlet Witch’ Wanda Maximoff, and ‘Quicksilver’ Pietro Maximoff. But Dio was a little confused as he noticed that Mantis was also there!

“Hey! What are you doing here?” Dio said as he interrupted Nick Fury’s briefing and walked towards Mantis.

“I didn’t want to come, but that man said that my ability would be useful for the Earth in the future. He said that you are also a member of the Avenger, and you wouldn’t mind if I also join the Avenger!” Mantis said nervously.

Dio was clearly annoyed, and he immediately let go of Mantis’s hand and turned around towards Nick Fury!

He didn’t like it when somebody used his name to achieve their goal, and more importantly, Nick Fury did it to his subordinate!

“Director Nick Fury, do you want to say something here?” Dio said tauntingly.

Nick Fury only smiled at Dio as he felt embarrassed that he got caught! But Nick knew that he had to try. After all, Mantis’ power was too sweet of a temptation!

“Ehem, I will talk to you about this later!” Nick said as he faked a cough and smiled at Dio.

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