Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 427


Just as Dio was thinking about lighting a cigarette to admire his masterpiece, he didn’t know various countries’ representatives worldwide had set their sights on Dio!

But, even if he knew, he probably wouldn’t care about it. Dio was already well-known around the universe. There was no reason to worry about Earth’s politician!

“That is the secret weapon that you have been talking about? Isn’t it too powerful?” Wanda said as she looked where the Floating Island once was.

Dio shrugged and landed on the ground where the Dark Battleship has landed. Steve and the others were just as shocked as Wanda was.

But the person who was seemingly upset about Dio’s annihilation gun was Nick Fury!

With his years of dealing with politicians, he knew what these countries’ representatives were thinking.

He knew that all nations would find out about Dio’s power, and with this footage, the nations throughout the world would make an unreasonable demand to SHIELD and imperatively to Dio!

Nick had to think of a way to make sure none of that happened!


Dio returned and acted like part of SHIELD’s agent instead of the Avenger. It was more comfortable for him to act like this than be in the spotlight!

His Annihilation Gun, Stealth Technology, and many other feats have already made people speechless, but he found comfort in Wanda’s gaze. Wanda didn’t look at him with awe, but instead with admiration!

“By the way, have you found Ultron? It will be worrisome if I have to erase another city just to play with him.” Dio said with a joking tone, but it was obvious Dio could do that!

Dio didn’t need Earth’s Money anymore, so he didn’t feel any attachment with Earth except nostalgia.

Hamon Planet was producing gold and Star Coin for him, which was way more useful valuable Earth!

“The Satellite has locked down on the remaining Iron Legion, and just before Sokovia was destroyed, some Iron Legion has slipped out of there. Fortunately, Vision has caught up with them and already destroyed them. That is all he reported; he would be back here in any second now!” Tony said confidently.

Dio nodded, but Dio knew that Vision wouldn’t be controlled by Tony. In fact, Tony wouldn’t be able to control Vision as Vision had the Mind Gem’s power and thus having a higher understanding than Tony!

But now that everyone has seen Vision as its own person, Dio didn’t see the need to remind Tony of Vision’s nature.

As for Nick Fury, Dio guessed that he would know where Ultron was and already stationed several attacking forces on standby!

Dio knew that with Nick Fury’s careful personality, he wouldn’t let Ultron escape again!

Nick Fury would never trust Vision completely, not to mention, Vision wasn’t even human and was created out of Artificial Intelligence.

So, when Vision came back with Vision’s wreckage, Nick was visibly relieved that he didn’t need to consider Vision as an enemy!

The other that was on Nick Fury’s radar is the Maximoff siblings!

The two of them helped Ultron to achieve his goal, which made them Ultron’s accomplice. But after knowing Ultron’s true objective, they abandoned Ultron and helped the Avenger in their fight against Ultron.

Had it not because of Dio that assured Fury that he would take responsibility for those two, Fury would have imprisoned both siblings!

Nick Fury trusted Dio the most out of all the Avengers as Dio didn’t have any interest in bringing havoc on Earth and Dio also had a simple goal that was easy to follow.

Because of that, Nick even invited the Maximoff siblings to become part of the Avengers. He knew that Wanda and Pietro’s power would be useful in the future!

But at the same time, Nick Fury knew that he didn’t have all the authority in the world!

He would have to work hard to make sure that he could protect Wanda, Pietro, and Dio from the politician’s prying eyes!

The world would surely question SHIELD about what happened to Sokovia, and thus he would need the name of the perpetrators.

If he had to be frank, it would be Tony and Banner. They would have to share a fair amount of responsibility. But then again, he had to protect the Avenger!

Nick Fury had a headache just from thinking how many lousy bureaucrats he would have to force, threaten, demand, or even praise to achieve stability for the Avenger after this!

The only good news that he has was he no longer needed to think of hair loss now as he was already bald, to begin with!

But he knew that he must work even harder to protect Dio!

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