Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 430


Dio stared at Steve as he wasn’t sure whether he was joking or not, an instructor, a trainer?

Dio couldn’t help but thought that he was in a prank cam right now!

How could he, a person who was full of holes as a team player, become an instructor for the new Avenger members?

Is it because he had a record of training Thor to aim for the enemy’s head to end their misery?

But Dio knew that being an instructor for Wanda wasn’t bad. If Wanda’s potential developed quicker, even Thanos wouldn’t be able to do what he wanted!

Dio was actually disappointed that in the movie, Vision and Wanda couldn’t even deal with Thanos’ minion on their own!

Wanda and Vision were supposed to be among the best heroes in the entire Marvel lineup!

For example, Wanda became a god that altered the entire universe once Quicksilver died in the comic!

How could a woman who had that much power became obsolete against Thanos’ minion!

Because of this thought, Dio thought that it was necessary to improve Wanda’s potential!

As for Sam and Rhodey, all they needed was just an improvement on their tech. There was nothing that Dio could do to awaken their potential.

“Okay, I will accept your proposal, but I want to do it on my own! I don’t want it on the name of SHIELD!” Dio said confidently.

“Why? Wouldn’t it be better for you to just use the SHIELD’s resource?” Steve asked confusedly.

“It is not that I undervalued SHIELD, but it was because of my own stubbornness that I still hold firm on my own belief! I don’t want my feet to be tied down by anything. I wouldn’t be able to express myself to the fullest if I am being constrained!” Dio said confidently.

“I don’t think that the SHIELD would constrain our move. After all, Avenger is a special institution that was created to make our move easier!” Steve said as he was still confused by Dio’s way of thinking.

“You are right for now, but can you be so sure that it will stay that way in the future? The SHIELD is still an organisation behind the International Security Council. Nick Fury still had to report to the board. There is no such thing as freedom when your every move is being judged by people who have their own agenda!” Dio said challengingly.

“If a day like that ever comes, I would never agree with SHIELD and get as far away from them!” Steve said confidently.

“Very well, captain! I am sure that you will stand firm to your word, but don’t you know that the world leaders were trying to manipulate the Avenger as we speak?” Dio said confidently.

“If you keep thinking the way you do just now, the world would see you as a threat, including the SHIELD!” Dio said confidently.

“No, we’ve already saved the world from destruction twice! There is no way the world would saw us as a danger!” Steve said with a frown on his face.

“Did you ever think that Sokovia’s incident would be perceived as a heroic act? No! the world leaders would use it to control the Avenger for their own ends!” Dio said solemnly.

“The Avenger would become a puppet of the world leaders, and there would always be a group of people that supervise the Avenger in the name of the world peace, furthermore, if there is a casualty, the world would make sure that Avenger will be the one to take responsibility!” Dio said while keeping his gaze on Steve’s eyes.

“Don’t you think my word makes sense, captain?” Dio said innocently.

Dio knows that Steve’s mind would be in disarray right now, he would try to deny everything that Dio had said, but in the end, Dio knew that Steve couldn’t help but agree with Dio’s perspective!

“Is that your reason for not joining the Avenger from the start?” Steve asked curiously.

“Well, that is part of it!” Dio said casually as he shrugged.

“But, if your theory is correct, then there is no way those people would let you get away!” Steve said worriedly.

“You are right, but I am not part of their system! I am a very selfish person. If someone wants to rob me of my belongings, I will give them a very realistic view of why they shouldn’t mess with me!” Dio said while smirking evilly.

Steve was silent after hearing Dio’s word. He knew that Dio could destroy a country if he wanted to!

“Relax, I don’t want that day to come too! That is why I don’t want anyone to have a chance to control me, so I will never join the Avenger or the SHIELD!” Dio said while smiling at Steve.

Steve nodded and began to wonder whether his decision to join the SHIELD was a mistake or not!

“Come on, didn’t I agree to train the new Avenger? Let’s take care of it already! For the record, Nick Fury wouldn’t let the world leaders do what they want! The Avenger was his child. He would never let it get corrupted on his watch!” Dio said with a smile on his face.

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