Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 431


“Dio! Wait up!” Wanda said as she tried to draw Dio’s attention.

Dio looked behind and saw that Wanda was trying to walk toward him with Pietro beside her.

“Hey, Wanda! What’s the matter?” Dio asked as he didn’t know what Wanda wanted.

“Well, Pietro and I think that we should invite you to dinner as a form of gratitude for saving us! But if you are free, that is!” Wanda asked hopefully.

“Are you sure that you want me to have dinner with you two? Isn’t it better if you spend your time alone with him?” Pietro said sarcastically.

“Pietro! Do you really have to make the situation awkward?” Wanda said annoyedly.

“Well, whatever! Whether you come or not, Wanda would be cooking, and she barely cooks! But hey, if you didn’t come, then more for me, right?” Pietro said indifferently.

“Pietro! We are going!” Wanda said annoyedly as she pulled Pietro towards her.

 “Well, I am sorry for my brother’s rude manner, but I hope you can come tonight!” Wanda said to Dio hopefully.

Dio sighed as he subconsciously looked up to having dinner with Wanda. He imagined Wanda on a Red leather dress that couldn’t hide her body contour while wearing tight skinny jeans that exhibited her perfect legs!

Dio coughed awkwardly as he realised that Wanda and Pietro were still there!

“I am sorry, but it’s not that I don’t want to go, but I already promised Pepper to go to her birthday party tonight, so how about tomorrow? I am curious about Wanda’s cooking too!” Dio said charmingly.

“Than it’s settled, tomorrow it is!” Wanda said while smiling beautifully to Dio!

“Wanda, we have to go, can’t disturb Dio’s private time here. It can’t be helped if he wants to go to his girlfriend’s place. It’s been a while after all!” Pietro said as he tried to discourage Wanda, who kept gazing intimately at Dio.

He felt uncomfortable that his sister finally took an interest in a man!

“Oh, but I have thought that I may need your help after all!” Dio said to Wanda with a charming smile on his face.

“Oh, what is it?” Wanda asked curiously.

“I have been thinking of asking you to accompany me to search for Pepper’s gift. I don’t really know what a woman would like, honestly!” Dio said with his smile still attached to his face.

“Sure! I don’t mind!” Wanda said excitedly.

At this moment, she forgot that Pietro was still beside her, feeling annoyed that she agreed immediately!

“What the hell, Wanda!” Pietro said as he felt ignored.

“Pietro, what? Are you coming with me?” Wanda asked her brother, innocently.

Pietro was getting more annoyed at Wanda’s response, but before he could show how annoyed he was, Dio beat him to it!

“Oh, don’t worry about Pietro. Apparently, Steve was searching for him!” Dio said to Wanda.

“Don’t worry. I will take care of your sister!” Dio said to Pietro with his charming smile.

“Shut up! I don’t think Steve was really looking for me, but whatever, I don’t want to be a third wheel anyway! But, keep your hands to yourself!” Pietro said as he stared menacingly at Dio.

“Don’t worry. We will bring you dinner later!” Dio said casually.

“Now that it’s settled, it is time to go! Don’t worry about me, brother, I will have fun! So, wait for me and go have fun yourself!” Wanda said as she teased her brother!

”Wanda said as he left the SHIELD’s base with Dio. Pietro was forced to see them walked away as he couldn’t stop Wanda from leaving.


Washington wasn’t as bustling as New York, but it was still one of the biggest cities in the United States!

Dio was originally thinking of returning to New York as soon as he found the gift for Pepper’s party, but Wanda’s beauty made him hesitate!

Dio then stopped at a mall, determined to make Wanda even more sensual!

They then eventually stopped at a craftsmen’s shop, and Dio found a beautiful necklace to go with Wanda’s beauty!

“Does it look good on me?” Wanda asked as she wore the necklace.

“You are perfect wearing anything, but this one especially amplifies your beauty!” Dio said as he kept staring at the necklace that was low hanging near her breast!

“Wonderful! You two clearly know what you are looking for! That Red Crystal is perfectly suitable for your girlfriend’s features!” the shop’s clerk said excitedly.

Dio frowned a little as he realised that Red Crystal is not a precious gemstone. It was just an artificial glass, but seeing Wanda was happy to receive the necklace, Dio didn’t care about the necklace’s price anymore!

“It’s almost time to go. Would you come with me?” Dio asked as he looked over to his watch and saw that the party would begin as soon as he arrived in New York, so he asked Wanda to come with him since he wanted to spend more time with her.

“I don’t know, Pietro is still in the base!” Wanda said, showing uncertainty for the first time!

“Relax, SHIELD wouldn’t let their agents collapse over some fatigue! They should’ve already given Pietro his meal as we got there!” Dio said confidently.

“If that’s the case, then it is fine!” Wanda said happily.


Wanda and Dio came out of the car as they arrived at Tony’s villa. Tony was the one who greeted them himself, but he was quite surprised to see the woman besides Dio!

Tony then told them to come in, and Dio instantly sang a beautiful happy birthday song for Pepper.

Pepper was surprised that Dio brought another woman. After all, Dio was known to be having a brutally insufferable personality!

She then huffed a little as she composed herself and gave Dio a hug!

Dio’s coughed several times as he was trying hard to contain his lust!

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