Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 454


“Look, it’s Captain America! We’re saved!”

“Thank God!”

“Save my child, my child.”

“Why did the Avengers show up here? Could those explosions be related to them?”


When Steve and others showed up in the centre of the crowded city, some people saw them as saviours while others looked at them coldly and saw them as the demons who brought upon the disaster.

Some people did think that the bombing happened because the Avenger was there!

Steve ignored the sarcastic words from several civilians and did all he could to save people that were trapped inside the ruins of the buildings.

Although he knew that several people didn’t see him pleasantly, he was still doing his best to save them!

At the same time, Even Dio decided to do something and used his two ice type Stands to put out the fire. Only after the police and the fire department arrived that the pressure on the Avenger was relieved.

However, Wanda noticed a small duffle bag placed on the market. It was a suspicious-looking bag since no one was claiming it!

Wanda thought fast and immediately used her power to take out the content of the bag.

“Bomb! Everyone, stand back!” Wanda shouted and gritted his teeth to throw the bomb into the sky!

She knew that the bomb would kill so many people if left alone, but she didn’t know where else to throw it as the place was in chaos!

But her quick thinking proved not quick enough!

As Wanda threw the bomb into the sky, her power was unstable and the bomb exploded brightly several meters above the ground.

The bomb shattered all glasses and burned several floors in the building next to the market. Wanda could faintly hear the screams and wails from the people inside the building.

“There are some people who didn’t manage to evacuate in time in that building!” Natasha shouted desperately.

Wanda froze for a moment, somewhat at a loss for words. Regret, disbelief, self-blame, and countless chaos of emotions suddenly overwhelmed her—however, a strong arm wrapped around her in time.

“Hey, listen! It wasn’t your fault, you know? You saved everyone here.” Dio said as he held Wanda’s shoulder.

Dio also searched for this specific bomb, but he too was too late as the bomb already exploded by the time he arrived here.

Looking at Dio’s serious and earnest face, Wanda found her courage once more.

“Someone inside needs rescue. Let’s do it quickly!”

Dio said as he immediately rushed in with Wanda. With them on the case, they successfully led everyone to safety and rescued all the survivors.

Yet, some people still died in the first wave of explosions, which was hard to bear but irreparable.

It may be hard to say that saving more people’s lives at the expense of fewer people’s lives was the right thing to do, as there would always be Someone to argue about it.

But in panic and chaos like this, it was surely the best thing to do! If she let the bomb exploded, hundreds of people would be dead!


At the same time as the terrorist attack, Tony was holding his new expo at M.I.T. It was a technology that could force Someone’s brain to get through a certain traumatic event in their lives.

It was a very costly medical treatment method that already took $610 million from Tony!

Obviously, no one in their right mind would sponsor such an experiment, but money has never been a problem for Tony.

Thus he developed it himself from start to finish, but of course, he intended to use it for himself first!

However, when he actually used it, he didn’t choose to remove the traumatic memory from his mind as it was the only profound memory that he had of his parent!

“From now on. All students will have equal access to the September Foundation that Stark Industries has just started, and all of your research projects have been approved and funded! No strings attached! No taxes to pay! Feel free to change the future!”


“I love you, Tony!”

At this point, Tony got a text and immediately let Pepper took over the expo. But still, Tony was distracted since he officially broke up with Pepper a few days ago.

To win back Pepper’s heart, he had to destroy all of his Iron Man suits, but seeing the Earth was full of new crises, he couldn’t do it!

He knew deep down that Earth was far from peace, and the scene on his dreams kept playing in his head, mocking him as if it would definitely come true in the future!

He could not retire yet!

So when Pepper asked him again that day about whether he would do what she asked him to do, Tony couldn’t say anything!

Pepper took the silence as the answer that Tony still couldn’t get rid of the Iron Man suit, and thus she moved out of Tony’s villa and stayed at her apartment once again.

She also tried to resign from the CEO position as her way to say goodbye to Tony, but she couldn’t do it as she knew that Tony didn’t have the slightest care about the company!

But one thing for sure was that Pepper was finally fed up with Tony’s attitude!

So, today, Tony stood and walked alone. He also didn’t tell anyone about this news. After he finished talking at the expo, Tony quietly took the elevator out of the building, but a black woman stopped him from doing so.

“You did a good job for those young people.” The black woman suddenly spoke.

“That is one thing that I should’ve done years ago; it makes my conscience felt better,” Tony said disinterestedly. It was clear that something was bothering Tony.

“They say generosity is often associated with guilt. But as long as there’s money, it doesn’t matter if you make a little mistake, right?”

Tony’s mood instantly changed for the worse, “What do you mean?”

“His name is Charlie Spencer! He is my son, and you are the one who got him killed in Sokovia! Of course, that means nothing to you! Do you think that you are fighting for us? You are just fighting for yourself! You are just a selfish, self-entitled bastard!” the black woman said as she slapped Tony with several pictures of her son.

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