Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 453


  After seeing Wanda’s decent control of her own power, Dio immediately took out a small book and began to write on it while finishing his milk.

“Wanda’s versatile abilities were perfect for this mission!”

“On the other hand, Pietro only runs around blindly! He wasted his own energy, and he also didn’t have any team awareness! I will increase his daily training once we get back!”

“Rhodey, the living drone.”

“Sam, a little bit too salty about every little trivial stuff.”

“Natasha has a great figure as always, uh, her clothes are of great material, but it’s too tight! Clearly used for the use of her charm!”

“As for Steve, how did he lose his shield for the second time today?”


Just as Dio was sullenly writing, he noticed that a few mercenaries were preparing to use the ropes on the side of the building to escape.

At the same time, Steve’s voice was immediately heard on the communicator, “They stole the bio-weapon; stop them!”

Well, they have to be fast! The mercenaries were getting away!

Seeing that the mercenaries were about to escape using their armoured car, Dio calculated the distance and immediately used [Killer Queen] to blow the armoured car up into the sky!

Several mercenaries were caught up in the explosion and died.

Dio didn’t really do anything. After all, he wasn’t keen on doing this mission!

He knew what would happen in this mission, so he was determined to stay out of the aftermath!

But nevertheless, Dio felt somehow responsible not to let any of these mercenaries escape with biochemical weapons!

If the Biochemical Weapon weren’t set off by the explosion, he wouldn’t calculate the distance between the mercenary who held the biochemical weapon and him and just blew them all up when the mercenaries were inside the armoured car!

But he was impressed by the [Killer Queen]’s power. It was an automatic long-range type that could turn anything that the user has touched into a bomb!

The bomb itself was controllable and could be moved to a certain distance!

[Killer Queen] had another power to make a certain bomb that tracked the target’s heat source and would immediately explode once the target was in the range of the explosion. This bomb would almost be impossible to destroy. The ability’s name was ‘Sheer Heart Attack’!

Destructive power: A

Speed: C

Range: A

Sustain: A

Precision: E

Growth: A

The art of evaluation was an explosion!


Even after their escape means was destroyed, the mercenaries still didn’t give up! Instead, they frantically attacked Sam and the others who came after them!

However, before the powerful avengers, their resistance seemed so meaningless!

“Don’t come near me! I will drop it here, don’t you think I was bluffing!” the mercenary that held the bioweapon on his hands shouted threateningly.

He saw his companions were being taken care of pretty easily, so he had to do something to get the upper hand from the Avenger.

Steve, who could not take such a risk, immediately raised his hand as a sign that he wouldn’t attack, stopping the rest of the Avenger from attacking too.

“There is no need to endanger everyone here, just give me the tube, and I will let you leave safely!” Steve negotiated with a deep, powerful voice.

“No! There is no way in hell I would believe anything that comes out of your mouth!” the mercenary said with disdain.

“Then, you should also know that you wouldn’t be able to escape from this place!” Steve said while tapping his communicator twice as a signal for Pietro who was hiding in the shadows, to make his move.

“Since I won’t be able to escape this place, might as well drag everyone down with me!” The mercenary said as a crazed look was clear in his eyes.

But unfortunately for him, a silver silhouette swished past him and snatched the bioweapon away from his hand.

“It was obvious that we wouldn’t let you have that chance!”

Quicksilver said smugly as he returned the bioweapon to Steve.

“Well done!” Steve said appreciatively. However, Steve was a little surprised to see that the mercenaries didn’t seem to be shaken at all.

“This is not good! He was stalling, hurry and find anything that seems potentially threatening around here!” Steve said as he knew that he had missed something.

Everyone except for Steve, Natasha, and Wanda immediately searched for anything that could provide a way of escape for the mercenaries.

“What is your real goal?”

“Chaos, war, and death; that’s our goal. Steve Rogers, I can feel it, you’re scared!” The mercenary said with a satisfied expression.

Seeing the man in front of him showed no fear of dying at all, Steve was convinced that the man was a member of HYDRA!

“Damn you!”

Steve felt his heart beating faster as if something bad was about to happen, so he punched the mercenary hard on his face, hoping that would make the mercenary spill his plan somehow!

“Oh, it’s already too late! I’ll be waiting for you in hell!”

After saying that, the mercenary bit something in his mouth and immediately spitted out blood and died!

A loud boom immediately followed, and a violent fire engulfed downtown. Like a chain reaction, another explosion was heard one after another.

“It’s the embassies! This group of lunatics has bombed the embassies!” Natasha shouted through the Chaos to Steve as she heard the report from Sam.

Who would have thought that the HYDRA’s target this time was so twisted that Avengers completely failed to notice it!

All along, HYDRA has targeted the embassies but, none of the Avengers really noticed anything!

No, HYDRA has targeted everything, and thus, they had a solid plan for their cause to create Chaos!

Steve immediately realised that another pressure from the public would be directed on the Avenger this time.

“Everyone, find the bomb that might not explode just yet! Rescue everyone that was affected by the bomb’s impact just now!” Steve said while gritting his teeth from annoyance.

He knew that the government would find an excuse to mess with the Avenger again, and this time, they might succeed!

But nonetheless, it wasn’t something that he had to worry about now. As long as he could save another innocent life from this terrorist attack, it would prove to himself that he already did his best!

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