Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 458


After a sincere conversation with Nick Fury, Dio finally realized how much pressure that Nick Fury was currently under and how determined he was to fight it all. Nick has known the existence of the Sokovia Accord in advance.

Although he has been trying to prevent it from coming into fruition ever since it was still in the drafting process, he couldn’t stop the decision that all the country has made.

Even if he could suppress the aftermath of Hulk’s rampage as well as Wanda and Pietro’s status as the Avenger, he couldn’t provide the necessary push to protect the Avenger this time.

He wasn’t the director of Avenger, but he was the Director of SHIELD, and therefore, the SHIELD’s wellbeing comes first!

As a subgroup of the International Council, SHIELD couldn’t go against the order as the SHIELD itself could be disbanded if Nick as the director of SHIELD, went against the order!

So the last thing he could do was to try his best to weed out the unreasonable and excessive conditions in the Sokovia Accords, which led to the Sokovia Accords that Dio and the others saw today.

The original Sokovia Accord was even more demanding and excessive than this one, but then again, the demand directed to Dio was still excessive.

It was clear that the countries that were included in drafting the Accord were tempted by the incredible power that Dio possessed.

Without Nick Fury’s intervention, the Avenger would be reduced to a group of civil servants!

Nick was tempted to say that Dio wasn’t part of the Avenger at first, but he immediately realised that it would become a greater problem in the future.

The greed that resided within the countries’ leaders of the countries began to show their fang as they began to question why such a powerful alien weapon was allowed to be owned by an individual while it would pose a greater purpose on Earth itself.

Some of the countries leaders even called Dio a freak who needed to be controlled!

It was clear that some of these people felt threatened by Dio’s power and tried to take it for themselves!

As for the Sokovia Accords, these politicians predicted that Dio would never sign it as they knew that it didn’t matter in the end.

As long as some of the Avenger’s members signed the Accord, they could just announce that the Avenger has agreed.

They would then order the Avenger to capture those who wouldn’t sign the Accord themselves.

They still thought that their Nuclear Weapon was the best weapon in the world!

As long as they still had it, they were confident that anyone would submit to them!

No matter how many it was who agreed to sign the Sokovia Accords, everything would be different!

The countries’ leaders knew that the Sokovia Accords would cause the Avenger to be restless, and thus internal conflict couldn’t be avoided!

Nick Fury has deducted that far and asked Dio to consider not to leave the planet immediately.

“Since you have deducted what they wanted, why didn’t you go tell this to Steve? I am sure he would be able to do something about it.” Dio said confusedly.

“Does it matter?”

Dio was startled by Nick’s rhetorical question, but after giving it a thought for a moment, Dio knew that it wouldn’t matter. Steve wouldn’t have the power to reject a 117 countries’ decision anyway.

“Then why are you telling this to me?” Dio asked curiously.

“I think you are the only one who can stop all this. At the very least, you have to keep the Avenger together, don’t let them fall apart.” Nick said solemnly.

“I never knew that you think that highly of me, but I don’t think I want to get involved with this mess,” Dio said as he shook his head.

“You can’t hide it; you already know that they would be trying to claim your possession!

“That doesn’t matter! I will just kill anyone who tries to block my path! I am a free man. Even god won’t be able to stop me if they pick a fight with me!” Dio said solemnly, making Nick Fury silent.

“It seems that you have decided what you would do. But I do hope you stay here until all of this is resolved! I am a little bit worried that without you here, the Avenger would suffer irreparable damage! The SHIELD wouldn’t be able to do much at this point!” Nick said solemnly.

After hearing those words from Nick, it was Dio’s turn to stay silent and contemplate the weight of Nick’s words.

“Then find me a secret place to land!” Dio said to Nick Fury as a confirmation that he would help.


Dio chose to believe Nick’s word after some thought, but he knew that he shouldn’t trust everything Nick said!

Nonetheless, Dio wanted to stay as he wanted to see everything unfolded before his eyes.

Noticing Dio’s intention, Nick Fury immediately sent a location including specific information. The location was almost identical to the SHIELD’s base, but it was still under construction, making it a good spot for Dio to land temporarily. The most important thing was that place had some supplies that Dio might need.

After all, that place has become an alien tech junkyard for now. The World Security Council themselves wouldn’t think that Dio would use this place, not to mention there was little to no human activity in the area.

Nick never thought that this place would come in handy in this situation!

After taking care of everything, Dio immediately gathered everyone who would go with him earlier.

“Do you plan to go on your honeymoon now? Aren’t you worried that I might follow you there?” Natasha said with a smile on her face.

She knew that Dio would be planning his escape, but it seemed that Dio had slight care about them after all.

“Well, I definitely want to take a little trip. Do you want to join us?” Dio asked casually.

“I don’t think so; I might still be needed here. Maybe things aren’t bad as we thought they would be; maybe we can still turn the situation around.” Natasha said hopefully.

“Such a naive word didn’t suit you, Natasha.”

“Maybe so, I might be infected with Steve’s optimism after all,” Natasha said as she smiled at Dio.

“Then… See you later.”

“Well, have a safe trip. And be careful out there!”

Dio raised an eyebrow and smiled, “Of course! I will always be careful!”

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