Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 459


When it came to stealth tech, the Dark Elf was really at the top in the universe!

Even if Nick Fury reported the Dark Elves were gone with the spacecraft, the World Security Council wouldn’t be able to do anything about it!

There was nothing in this galaxy that could detect the Dark Battleship! Nevertheless, World Security Council could predict the place that the battleship would be heading.

So, when the Dark Battleship appeared out of its stealth mode in the Avenger Base, dozens of armed helicopters were already prepared.

They were eager to take control of Dio’s power!

“Hey, it’s okay! You don’t have to be nervous. It would be alright.” Dio said as he saw Wanda’s hand glowed red.

Pietro at the side was clearly annoyed by Dio’s attention towards Wanda, but he couldn’t say anything as he knew that Dio was Wanda’s boyfriend.

Dio immediately let Pietro, Wanda, and Mantis aboard before he went in. Once he was inside the ship, the helicopters immediately fired a rocket towards the Dark Battleship without any warning.

Dio smirked as he immediately understood that the government didn’t care whether anyone on the Dark Battleship died or not.

It also showed that the government was afraid of the Dark Battleship’s power!

It seems that the world government was okay with not having the Dark Battleship intact as they didn’t seem to hesitate in wrecking it.

But it seemed that the World Government itself failed to see that the owner of this spacecraft was Dio, the man with little to no information about himself on the SHIELD’s record.

After the rocket bombardment, the soldiers inside the helicopters were all shocked to see that the Dark Battleship didn’t even have a slight scratch on it!

Dio smirked as he saw the Energy Barrier that he spent a lot of money to buy at the Nova Empire was working just fine.

If it were not working like intended, Dio would file a complaint to Nova Empire right away!

“Sir, do you want to return fire?”

If it was Steve or the other member of the Avenger, they might hesitate. However, Dio was different!

All he saw was people who pointed their guns at him, and he sure didn’t like it!

“Return fire, destroy them all,” Dio ordered indifferently.

Those who wanted to kill must be prepared themselves for retaliation, for they just started a war.

“Yes, sir! Right away.”

With Dio’s order, the Dark Elves immediately got busy, they began to activate various switches, and the top of the Dark Battleship opened up, revealing countless small holes.

Then in the next second, hundreds of orange laser rays streaked across the sky!

Thirty armed helicopters were split into pieces without even a chance to react and then burst into a cloud of fire!

“Sir, hundreds of jets are detected heading towards us from the southeast, ETA 43 seconds!”

Dio sighed as the battle didn’t seem to be anywhere near ending. It seemed that the laser earlier didn’t deter the World Government from continuing their attack. Did they really think that they could win against Dio in terms of firepower?

“Take off immediately and charge the Annihilation Cannon for now. We will wait for them here and gave them a big surprise.” Dio said with a smirk on his face.

“Yes, sir.”

From a cannon at the top of the Dark Battleship, a red light was visibly getting darker, giving off the dangerous vibe to it.

At the same time, Natasha and the others, who were still in the Avengers base, were already outside due to the commotion they heard.

They soon saw the situation and felt like they wanted to puke!

Even Rhodey, who supported the Sokovia Accord, felt sick of what the government was trying to do!

None of them expected that the World Government would do something reckless and inhuman like this!

“What is he doing? Why didn’t he leave yet?”

Natasha knew that all those soldiers wouldn’t worth anything to stop Dio, but what she didn’t understand was why he was still here when there was nothing left to stop him from going.

But when she saw the red glow rapidly condensing from the top of the Dark Battleship, she immediately paled!

“It’s over…”

At the same time, inside the Dark Battleship.

“The target has entered the shooting range.”

“Fire the Cannon!”

As everyone watched, hundreds of fighter jets were rushing in the sky towards the Dark Battleship.

Suddenly, the cannon that was charging the red light immediately discharged a ball of light towards the fighter jets at an unbelievable speed!

With a blinding light and a deafening blast, like a repeat of Sokovia, the entire Fighter Jet units on the sky were annihilated!

Not even a speck of dust was seen after the light dissipated from the sky!

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