Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 466


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Vision’s attack just now completely changed the flow of the battle!

Everyone on Steve’s side was knocked down aside from Wanda and Dio, who possessed resistance to mental attack.

However, Tony’s side didn’t receive any damage at all!

But it still didn’t change the outcome!

Suddenly, everyone felt really hot, as if the air itself was made of fire while the sky was suddenly blinding.

Tony’s mask wasn’t affected by this light, but he realised that he had no way of winning the battle as he looked up.

There was another sun in the sky, although the size was much smaller than the real sun, it still has all the sun’s property!

That was the result of combining the power of [The Sun] and [Magician’s Red]!

Dio also empowered the sun with his Overdrive Hamon Technique, increasing its power exponentially!

And finally, Dio also empowered the two Stands with his Scarlet Overdrive, increasing the heat even further!

Everyone could feel the heat, but due to his extra sensitive sensory, this heat was unbearable for Spider-Man!

After intaking dry air a couple of times, Spider-Man was down for the count!

Even Natasha, who was prepared for every extreme situation, began to show heatstroke symptoms as she began to feel dizzy and unsteady.

Tony realised that everyone wouldn’t be able to resist the heat, so he released freezing dust into the air, giving himself and everyone else a room to breathe and save themselves!

However, Tony’s action only bought a little bit of time as the freezing effect only lasted for a few seconds!

Dio himself had to summon [White Album] to regulate his temperature; after all, the temperature attack from the two stands was indiscriminate!

“It’s over! The entire place would completely dry up in just a few minutes!” Dio said as he started to walk towards Tony’s side.

Rhodey, who was slowly roasted inside his War Machine armour, was preparing to fire a few mini missiles towards the artificial sun as he thought that they would be able to break out of this desperate situation if he, by any chance, could destroy it!

But how come Dio would make such a low-level mistake?

The [Magician’s Red] who was staying on top of [The Sun] suddenly opened its beak and spew a thick pillar of fire!

The mini-missiles immediately collided with the fire pillar and exploded mid-air, increasing the surrounding temperature even more!

“Why did you never listen to my words?”

Dio immediately rushed towards Rhodey and hit him straight in the chest, sending Rhodey flying a dozen meters away!

Dio’s punch directly destroyed the Ark Reactor on his chest, causing the armour to lose power and making him unable to move the heavy armour!

“Rodhey!!” Tony shouted angrily as he shot Dio with his palm cannon.

However, Dio only needed to move slightly to dodge Tony’s attack. Although the surrounding environment has become unbearable, the [White Album]’s ice armour was extremely strong!

So he didn’t need to exhaust himself just to dodge such a desperate attack!

Dio then rushed towards Tony and held his neck in the air. Simultaneously, [Magician’s Red] also spewed a dozen fireballs that hit Tony’s back, knocking him out from the battle!

Furthermore, Dio also summoned [The World] and punched Tony repeatedly to make sure that he wouldn’t get up so quickly!

As a final attack from Dio, [The World] also punched Tony’s Arc Reactor, destroying it completely, giving Tony no chance to retaliate on this battle!

At this critical moment, the little spider quickly latched his web to Tony and pulled him to safety from Dio!

However, the deed was done, and there was no way Tony would be waking up anytime soon!

“Dio, stop it! Do you really want to kill us all?” Natasha said as she tried to move towards Dio in her wobbly legs.

Dio stopped for a moment and tapped the communicator on his arms a few times, immediately after that, several Dark Elves came out of the Dark Battleship and helped Steve’s team that was bounded by the little spider earlier to safety inside the spaceship!

Dio then snapped his fingers, and [Reaper’s Gaze] immediately flew and pulled Vision to his side.

Dio then rushed to the side, away from the sun, for Vision’s safety, but suddenly, Black Panther appeared, blocking Dio’s path!

Black Panther immediately clawed Dio, but Dio attacked the Black Panther with the scythe immediately!

The force of the scythe shocked T’challa as he knew that his Vibranium Suit was the strongest defensive equipment in the world, yet the claw part of his suit that was made by pure Vibranium was almost cut off from Dio’s scythe slash!


“Didn’t you hear from Tony what metal did I use to create this blade?” Dio smirked to the Black Panther.

T’challa immediately understood and stood aside immediately, watching Dio, and the Dark Elves evacuated towards the Dark battleship without intervening.

Before entering the ship, Dio left Vision’s body on the side as he had no intention to bring Vision with him.

Those who were still conscious enough to watch from the side also left Dio alone as they knew that it was their loss!

When the Dark Battleship started to take off and disappear in the air, the sun immediately disappeared.

Natasha immediately regained some strength as she struggled to stand up. She immediately called for help as she knew that Vision, Tony, and Rhodey was seriously injured, while T’challa, the spider, and herself sustained many minor injuries.

She already knew that the confrontation would result in another disaster, and she was correct!


Stand name: The Sun

Introduction: A stand that has the appearance of the sun and has all of its characteristic!

Type: Long-range manipulation type

Ability: Sun Replica

Attack the target indiscriminately with a powerful heatwave and blinding light.


Destructive power: B

Speed: E

Range: A

Persistence: A

Precision: E

Developmental Potential: E

Evaluation: The Vampire’s biggest weakness, but ended up as the Vampire’s henchman. The world sure revolves in a weird way!


Substitute: Magician’s Red

Introduction: Having many undeniable similarities with the Egyptian Sun God!

Type: Long-distance manipulation type

Ability: Pyrokinesis

It had the ability to control fire and heat and could create high-temperature flame to attack.


Destructive power: B

Speed: B

Range: C

Persistence: B

Precision: C

Developmental Potential: D

Evaluation: Is Gray home? Do you want to play?

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