Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 465


Both sides lined up, ready for battle.

Tony’s side, including the sudden appearance of Vision, consisted of only six people, whereas Dio and Steve’s side had nine people!

Even if they counted Mantis out, who had little to none combat capability, they still had two more people than Tony’s side, not to mention Dio’s combat power and the intimidating Dark battleship next to him was overwhelming.

It was safe to say that Tony’s side was at a complete disadvantage.

“It’s over, Tony,” Dio said solemnly as he gazed at Tony.

“Why do you have to come back and involve yourself with this mess! I always thought you are a smart guy, Dio! Pulling Clint and dragging Sam out of safety? I have been trying my best to keep the Avengers from falling apart!” Tony said angrily.

“The Avengers has already fallen apart as soon as you sign those accords!” Dio said calmly.

Tony wanted to retort, but he couldn’t bring himself to say it.

“Then there’s only one way to conclude this conflict!”

“That is just what we expected!”

The two sides collided instantly.

Technology and mutation, enhanced individuals and intelligent beings, super soldiers, and Stand users!

Different powers, different people, different personalities, different choices… At this moment, everything clashed against each other!

[The World] carried Dio to the sky while blocking Vision’s energy blast. Dio knew that Steve and his team could take care of Tony and the rest while Vision was the only threat!

So, Dio kept chasing Vision while carefully observing Vision and the mind stone on his head.

Furthermore, only Dio and Wanda’s ability could resist Vision’s illusion from his Mind Stone!

“You’re not the first Infinity Stone user that I’ve seen, but you’re clearly the most unique. So, don’t let me down on this!” Dio said as he wielded his scythe, ready to slash Vision open.

Normally, Vision would go intangible, but he already knew from the training that Dio’s power was special!

Vision wouldn’t be able to escape unscathed even if he went intangible here. So, Vision’s only option was to dodge the best he could and return fire as soon as possible to keep Dio from closing the distance between them.

Just like Vision, Dio didn’t want to take the Mind Stone blast right in the face either. He couldn’t guarantee that he could block it with his Hamon shield.


Seizing an opportunity, Dio violently threw the [Reaper’s gaze] while controlling it on the air using a whistle towards Vision.

Vision quickly used his Energy blast to knock the [Reaper’s Gaze] out of the way, but Dio was already behind him, using the scythe as a distraction.

Zoom Punch!

Vision barely turned around to block the punch, but he failed to measure the distance of the attack. Dio’s fist extended in such a way that his block was meaningless.

Dio’s arm violently extended out and struck him in the face.

Seeing that his attack connected, Dio immediately threw out a series of attacks to pressure Vision some more.

Dio also used [The World] to ensure that Vision couldn’t escape his reach, as [The World] attacked Vision from the back.

Finally, Dio threw a big hit that immediately sent Vision flying to the ground. Like a shooting star, Vision fell, and a big crater was created on the ground.

“It seems that the results of the special training are not that remarkable. I am disappointed to see your close combat skill is nowhere near usable.”

But an energy blast that was more powerful than anything Vision ever shot before was discharged from the ground.

Dio immediately dodged, and the Energy blast destroyed the tower behind Dio.

“It’s true that my close combat ability is not great, but I am confident in my defensive capabilities.”

The unharmed Vision flew out from the crater once again. He could freely modify his body’s density, allowing him to slip past through objects or became as hard as diamonds.

But Dio already rushed towards Vision and launched his own attack!

A breaking sound was heard throughout the field. Vision immediately covered his chest as he took a step back painfully.

“Apparently, your defensive capabilities is not that flawless either.”

Dio said as he held a silver pistol.

Although Dio wasn’t used to using a gun, after getting [Emperor], he couldn’t say no to having a gun as a weapon.

The shot that wounded Vision just now was a homing bullet that was also wrapped in Metal Silver Overdrive, producing an unblockable shot!

“That shot is just a warning. The next one won’t be anything like it!” Dio said casually.

Vision sighed as he realised that Tony’s disadvantages were more critical than they thought.

“I am sorry but, I still can’t just let you guys leave.” Vision said as the Mind Stone on his head suddenly dazzled with a brilliant yellow light.

Mind Stone’s power wasn’t as simple as firing an Energy Blast; it was far more complicated than that!

As the bright yellow light immediately covered the field, Steve and the others immediately fell unconscious while blood flowing down their nose!

It was a devastating mental attack! However, Vision clearly held back the power to refrain from killing anyone.

Tony and the others immediately took advantage of the opportunity Vision has created and ordered Spider-man to capture everyone with his web.

Even Dio felt slightly dizzy from Vision’s attack and couldn’t retain his power. However, because of his high mental resistance, Dio quickly recovered and whistled for [Reaper’s Gaze] to return. The [Reaper’s Gaze] penetrated Vision’s abdomen.

“One more move, and you’ll die!” Dio said coldly as he immediately turned around to help the other member.

But Dio didn’t have to say it twice as Vision couldn’t move either way. If Vision didn’t have a powerful exoskeleton, he would have been killed by this scythe!

“Mr. Stark, I did my best!”

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