Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 476


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A few days later, Nakia, T’challa’s childhood friend, returned to Wakanda.

“Dear Queen, her royal highness, it is time to celebrate in happiness. Let’s forget our grief for a moment.” Nakia said as she greeted the queen.

Nakia saw through the queen’s sadness of losing the late king.

“Nakia, it’s great to see you can return in time for the coronation.” The queen said while changing her facial expression.

At the same time, Shuri saw her brother entered the throne room and realised that her brother was staring wantonly at Nakia.

“Brother, take a picture; it would last longer!” Shuri teased T’challa casually.

“Your highness, that was inappropriate right now.” Okoye reprimanded T’challa.

She was the royal guard captain, and she was already like another family member for T’challa and Shuri.

“I know, you guys could be annoying sometimes!” T’challa said annoyedly.

He forced a smile and signed for the guards that guarded the throne room to wait outside for a while.

“You are still the same as always, I see. I didn’t expect our princess would still babysit you like this.” Nakia teased.

T’challa just laughed at Nakia’s remark as he couldn’t deny it. Without the presence of the guards around him, he could freely exchange banter with his family member.

“Well, if anything, I still have to upgrade your suit and your bracelet!” Shuri said to T’challa.

She knew that T’challa would always forget something like that.

“Why would you upgrade it now? It worked just fine as it was.” T’challa said confusedly.

“That again? How many times do I need to tell you that a tool needs to be improved constantly!” Shuri said annoyedly.

“Okay, okay, no need to yell!” T’challa said with a flustered face.

“Well, that is because you keep ignoring my words! But you know, I know better than you, hehehe.” Shuri said as she took T’challa’s necklace and bracelet casually.

“Your ceremonial dress would be ready soon; I am working on the finishing touch right now. I can’t wait how it would look on you!” Shuri said teasingly.

But the queen immediately glared at Shuri, knowing that her remark was inappropriate.

Shuri realised the queen was glaring and immediately apologized to the queen and her brother.

“By the way, can we invite others to attend the ceremony?” Shuri asked again.

“Others? You didn’t mean the outsiders, did you?” T’challa asked with a frown on his face.

“They are your guest! I think it should be okay to let them witness your glorious moment together.” Shuri said, trying her best to convince her brother and her mother, the queen.

“Is it really your true intention?”  T’challa asked questionably.

“What else could it be? If you don’t want them there, just be frank about it.” Shuri said with a frown on her face.

“Shuri, is this one of your jokes? You know that there are no outsiders ever allowed to witness such an important event since our ancestor day! Do you want to embarrass your brother?” the queen said solemnly.

“Well, there are no written rules about it. We have been living in seclusion all this time, but nothing ever stated that we couldn’t bring outsiders to our country. Now that brother finally found a leeway, why don’t we create our new culture as well?” Shuri retorted.

“You are being unreasonable! You’d better keep that idea to yourself for now!” the queen said annoyedly.

“You always act this way; in the end, we would never move forward!” Shuri said angrily and left the throne room, leaving everyone bewildered by her attitude.

“I am worried about that child. She has already reached adulthood but still acts like a child!”

“Relax, mother. As her brother, I would never let Shuri take the wrong path.” T’challa said assuredly.

“You know, I am proud of you, and I believe that your father would do too.” The queen said with a smile on her face.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

“Are you still mad at mother and me?” T’challa asked Shuri while trying out the clothes that Shuri has made in her laboratory.

Seeing that she didn’t talk at all, T’challa knew that she was still a little bit upset, “As a princess of Wakanda, you should know how important the coronation ceremony and how many secrets that the Black Panther must keep hidden from the outsiders! I do believe that those people wouldn’t do us any harm, but there is no guarantee everything would go well either!” T’challa said as he tried to explain things to his sister.

“But I accidentally invited them! I can’t go back on my words now!” Shuri said frustratedly.

“By them, did you mean that guy? Did he admit what he did in the past?” T’challa asked curiously.

Shuri just remained silent as she knew that Dio hadn’t admitted anything, but Shuri’s silence only made T’challa laugh as he realised what has happened.

“I don’t understand what you saw in him, but I assure you that I wouldn’t make you lose face in front of him,” T’challa said confidently.

“Really? You promise?” Shuri asked brightly.

“Yeah, I still can’t let them attend the ceremony, but we can make our own little ceremony later for them!” T’challa said confidently.

“Are we going to deceive them, brother?” Shuri asked surprisedly.

“Don’t make me sound like a bad guy here! One was for our country’s internal business, and the other was for the outsiders. As long as they don’t know about the real one, that doesn’t count as deceiving at all.” T’challa said confidently.

“Alright, I would believe what you said for now,” Shuri said as she let go of the matter.

“But, since we already at the topic, what did you really think about that guy? You have searched for him for all these years, and now that you have found him, you seem to be more assertive than usual!” T’Challa asked teasingly.

“Me, no! of course, all I wanted was to resolve our bad blood, you know! He doesn’t seem like a bad guy!” Shuri said embarrassedly.

“But he wouldn’t admit it, would he?” T’challa said teasingly.

T’challa has received some intel about Dio from Tony as they were allied for a while, thus making him suspect Dio was the one who stole the Vibranium and kidnapped Shuri in the past, but he still had some doubts then.

But after seeing what Dio was capable of himself, he was convinced that Dio was really the thief in the past!

“Yeah, he didn’t admit anything. because of that, we couldn’t do anything to him!” Shuri was annoyed.

“Do you really want to make that guy work as a miner for his crime? Let me tell you in advance that Dio is a monster! He is unbelievably strong; his alien technology is beyond our own technology! So, right now, I was thinking about how to form an alliance with him.” T’challa admitted.

Shuri was relaxed after hearing T’challa was aiming to cooperate with Dio, and she immediately got a good idea.

Seeing that a playful smirk was clear on his sister’s face, T’challa chuckled as he knew what would happen next!

He knew that Shuri had some kind of unrequited feelings towards Dio because that was just how Shuri was!

She always tried hard to pry into something that she didn’t quite understand!

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