Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 477


In the training room that T’challa has provided, Steve felt embarrassed after witnessing Dio’s power firsthand!

He was sparring against Dio after acquiring his new shield, but it didn’t seem to matter!

“Stop! Let’s take a break for a minute!” Steve said as he gasped for air from exhaustion.

“What? We’ve only practiced for a little while!” Dio said as he seemed fine while Steve was covered in sweat.

Dio took the shield from Steve and tried to use it himself, but Dio found it too light for his taste.

“Your habits haven’t changed. That’s why you are unable to improve yourself!” Dio said with a frown on his face.

Steve kept saying that the shield was way too different from his usual shield, but he never complained to Shuri as he heard Shuri’s opinion about the shield’s improvement.

The shield wasn’t round like his old one, it was created more oval-shaped to increase its offensive capabilities, but because of that, Steve could no longer hide behind his shield anymore!

Shuri created this shield in hopes that Steve would fight aggressively in the future.

Steve has agreed to such an idea in the making process, but now he kept complaining that the shield wasn’t the same as it was used to.

Because of that, Steve kept saying that he didn’t feel like the Captain America he used to. He felt like he wasn’t the same person at all!

“Sometimes I felt jealous of the others Avenger, you know. Especially for people like Thor, who didn’t need to think much of anything. Whatever he did, people would always know that it was him!” Steve said while contemplating his action.

“Don’t lump me with that guy! Compared to him, I have to work hard to get to where I am today!” Dio said casually.

He then threw the shield back to Steve, who looked surprised at what Dio said just now, but Dio just shook his head. He didn’t want to explain nor tell a story of his life to Steve now.

Maybe Steve thought that Dio had it good, but in reality, Dio was the most hardworking guy in the group!

Ever since he got the Hamon Energy, he has been training his Hamon Technique until it basically became second nature to him!

People might think that Dio was slacking off, but in reality, he was practising all day long!

The power of Hamon Energy was fully integrated into his body now, strengthening him physically and mentally.

Even if, by any chance, he lost [the world], Dio knew that he would be on top again in no time as long as he still had his Hamon Energy!

So, Dio and Steve continued their training, and after two rounds, they were interrupted.

“Three days from now, T’challa’s formal coronation ceremony will be held in the palace. We hoped that you could attend the ceremony then.” Shuri said casually as she entered the training ground.

“Of course, we will be there! Do we have something that we need to know by then? Maybe like a dress code or a gift that we need to bring, perhaps?” Steve asked as he agreed to come.

“There would be people attending to your care. They will tell you of what you need to do there.” Shuri said calmly.

She didn’t answer Steve’s question as she knew her brother didn’t need any gift.

But after hearing everything Shuri had to say, Dio wasn’t certain of the ceremony itself!

“Are you sure the ceremony would be inside the Palace?”

“Yeah, I am sure! What’s wrong?” Shuri asked nonchalantly.

Although she felt guilty, having to lie like this, it was for the best!

“It’s probably nothing. It’s just that it doesn’t seem to be the same ceremony that I was thinking of,” Dio said, acting like he was just thinking of something else.

Shuri sighed as she knew that Dio had caught on to her lies, “In truth, there is a tradition of the royal challenge before the coronation ceremony, but it was for Wakandans. I hope you understand our circumstances.”

Shuri’s lie probably would pass hadn’t Dio knew about Wakanda more than any other people inside this room!

But of course, Dio wouldn’t burst Shuri’s bubble by thinking that no outsiders would know about her countries.

“Oh, I don’t know about that, but sure, I understand that it was a sacred procedure,” Dio said with a smile on his face.

Shuri just nodded her head as she was relieved that Dio would ask her more about the issues. But she suddenly remembered her brother’s goal to get on Dio’s good side, and thus she couldn’t contain her inquisition nature.

“So, what do you think of our technologies?” Shuri asked curiously.

“It is very advanced. I believe that Wakanda should be the most powerful country in the world!” Dio said praisingly.

“Are you interested in forming an alliance with us? I heard that you have an unusual alien technology; we can exchange technologies, you know!” Shuri said as she couldn’t contain her curiosity anymore.

Dio was a little bit surprised by Shuri’s inquiries as he didn’t quite understand whether it was Shuri’s own curiosity or T’challa’s idea.

However, he found the idea was quite ideal. He found that Wakanda’s technology was quite inventive and efficient.

But still, there were some technologies that he couldn’t expose to anyone, like the Dark Elves’ stealth tech, implosion grenade, and also the existence of the Power Gem.

It was not because Dio couldn’t trust T’challa and Shuri, but because the impact of those techs was far too powerful that Dio himself wasn’t confident if he was up against those who could use these techs efficiently!

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