Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 479


A few days later, T’challa was chasing after Ulysses Claw, wearing his new Black Panther suit in South Korea.

Ulysses Claw was the only one, other than Dio, who successfully stole the Vibranium from Wakanda.

But unlike Dio, who resolved the incident without any casualties, Ulysses Claw was actually killed several Vibranium miners in Wakanda before his escape!

Furthermore, Ulysses also created a prosthetic arm from Vibranium that could create a soundwave capable of killing a person!

But he was unfortunate enough to lose his hands in the first place from Ultron’s attack. Not only that, but Ultron also took every single Vibranium that Ulysses had stored in his secret warehouse before it left Ulysses dying.

He no longer had any Vibranium to make a good life out of, so Ulysses started to steal from Wakanda again!

He tried to rob as many Vibranium from any Wakanda-related Museum and sold them at a high price to any underground buyer!

That was all Dio heard from Shuri as she went on rambling at T’challa’s reckless behaviour.

Although this was a secret information, Shuri couldn’t help herself as she was annoyed that the King himself was going out to deal with a mere thief!

Dio shook his head as he realised that Shuri was the only one who had some sort of rationality in this kingdom.

Hadn’t T’challa listened to his sister well, Wakanda might’ve been long gone!

Not only that, but T’challa also started a car chase on a bustling street of Busan. However, T’challa failed to kill the criminal.

But Dio was a little bit surprised to hear that the CIA’s agent Everett Ross wasn’t fatally wounded, and therefore, T’challa didn’t bring him to Wakanda.

Otherwise, it would be Shuri’s time to shine as she would show off Wakanda’s health technological advancement.

But the good news was T’challa has successfully retrieved the Vibranium that would be sold to the black market. Still, T’challa was annoyed that he failed to finish off Ulysses Claw this time!

Not too long after that, a man came to Wakanda while bringing Ulysses Claw’s body in a body bag!

. . . . . . .

“We don’t welcome outsiders here!” W’kabi said as he was stationed at the border.

“An outsider? No, I have proof that I am a local!” Eric said as he showed the inside of his lips, where a Wakandan Symbol was tattooed with fluorescent ink.

“I’ve never seen you before!” W’kabi said as he frowned.

He has never heard of any Wakandan who was still outside the country at this moment, but the symbol couldn’t be faked!

“Isn’t this enough to prove my identity?” Eric said innocently.

“We will see about it later!” W’kabi said solemnly as he immediately brought Eric inside the country to further inquiries.

Whether or not the man before him was lying, W’kabi would know about it later!

“Here, I brought you a present! I have heard that Wakanda wants this guy dead!” Eric said as he opened the body bag in front of W’kabi, revealing Ulysses’ dead body!

. . . . . . . . .

When Eric was brought into Wakanda and passed the body bag to the guards, Wakanda’s tribe leaders and King T’challa immediately assembled to hold a meeting about Eric’s origin.

The tribes’ leaders wanted to know whether or not Eric was a real Wakandan or just an impostor!

But T’challa already knew about the truth and chose to remain silent while staring at the ring on his finger. The guards finally brought Eric to the throne room, and T’challa immediately spoke.

“Speak your intentions.”

“I’m standing in your palace now to tell you that I killed the demon who stole your Vibranium and murdered your people while your king keeps failing to do something so simple!” Eric said tauntingly.

T’challa immediately approached Eric aggressively after hearing his taunting words and whispered, “I don’t care even if you really bring Ulysses Claw’s body back, but I know who you are! So, tell me, what do you want!” T’challa asked coldly.

“I want the throne!” Eric said confidently that everyone in the room was surprised and began to laugh.

“T’challa, you don’t have to waste any more of our time hearing this child’s word!” the Former queen said worriedly as she noticed who the man was.

But it was already too late!

“Child? You know who I am, so why don’t you tell everyone here who I am!” Eric said tauntingly to the former queen.

“You are Eric Stevens, an African-American spy and mercenary with a code name, Killmonger. That is your identity!” Shuri said confidently.

“Ahh, but that is the thing, Her Royal Highness, that wasn’t my real name! why don’t you ask what my real name was?” Eric said tauntingly once more.

T’challa was dumbfounded and turned a little pale as he couldn’t say anything, but Ramonda could no longer endure it, “Take this man down! How dare he acts rudely to the King and Princess!” but the other was overcome with curiosity, and therefore, W’kabi immediately asked.

“Who are you?”

“I am N’jadaka, son of Prince N’jobu!” Eric said confidently that immediately surprised everyone in the throne room!

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