Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 478


When Dio realised that Shuri wanted to use Wakanda’s most advanced remote control technology as a negotiating piece in exchange for Dio’s partnership, Dio could only smile.

Shuri thought Dio didn’t believe in Wakanda’s remote control technology, but the truth was quite different from what she thought.

Dio had the remote-control tech from Sovereign, and Nothing could best Sovereign when it came to remote control tech!

Wakanda’s remote control tech couldn’t even be used in space just yet!

“You don’t have to. I already have a remote control tech of my own. It was quite an interesting sight as I could control hundreds of ships with no restriction of distance!” Dio said confidently.

“That couldn’t be possible! How could you send a signal that covered everywhere?” Shuri said with surprise on her face.

As far as she knew, Wakanda had the best remote control tech on earth, but she still had a hard time covering the signals at certain places on earth.

That was the most Wakanda could do for now, so space was out of the question!

“Nothing is impossible! This is the way the Sovereign Planets fight their war. This tech was made so that none of their people had to suffer due to war! When you are ready to explore the galaxy, you would know whether I’m telling the truth or not.” Dio said casually.

Even though Shuri had no way to ascertain what Dio just said, she decided to believe it. She hoped that Wakanda would achieve a breakthrough on space travel soon!

“Then you have this Sovereign tech?” Shuri asked curiously.

“Those Sovereign people were notoriously arrogant. They once came to me for trouble, but because of that, I persuaded them to give me their technology for war compensation. Are you interested in their tech?” Dio asked with a smirk on his face.

Dio was telling the truth, but the look on Shuri’s face said it all. She felt like Dio was only bragging about his feat.

But she didn’t know that everything Dio said so far was indeed the truth and the fact that Dio even had a planet of his own that he has already armed heavily to retaliate against any kind of attack!

“If the technology you said indeed exists right now, what price did you want for them?” Shuri asked curiously.

“To tell you the truth, I didn’t know which of your tech would be useful to me,” Dio said honestly.

Wakanda indeed had many advanced technologies, but it failed to compete with the same kind of technology from another planet!

Furthermore, Wakanda’s advanced health care had little to no benefit to Dio as he already had his Hamon Energy and several Stands that could recover any injury for him!

But after hearing Dio’s word, Shuri frowned. She couldn’t believe it!

  Dio didn’t seem to want anything from Wakanda, while the whole world would do anything to get their hands on Wakanda’s tech.

She immediately left in panic to recollect her thoughts, and at the same time, Steve looked at Dio with a sigh.

“Couldn’t you be a little bit more sympathetic?”

“I could have done that, but it wouldn’t make the situation any better! She wants to form an alliance with me, so I have to be honest about what she has to offer.” Dio said honestly.


Three days later, it is time for the ceremony. T’challa, who already received the recognition of all tribes in Wakanda, drank the Heart-Shaped Grass potion to receive the Black Panther’s real power.

And, of course, this was just a formal ceremony, where all the outsiders were welcomed to join.

Everything was prepared in western style as there was a buffet, champagne, and several people giving speeches to congratulate the new king.

But, it couldn’t fool Dio as he already knew how the real King of Wakanda’s coronation worked. Nonetheless, it was always good to have a banquet to celebrate this eventful day.

Of course, Dio gifted several rare metals that he found on other planets to the new King of Wakanda.

T’challa learned about the value of these metals, and therefore he gifted Dio with a big volume of Vibranium to return the favour.

At the same time, Dio regretted his choice for not gifting the Asteroid Fragment that was sitting inside the Dark Battleship warehouse.

The Asteroid Fragment was heavier than his earlier gift and didn’t serve any particular use for him, and it was none of his concern regarding what Wakanda would do with it!

After the banquet, it wasn’t Shuri who approached Dio to talk about the alliances, but T’challa himself!

He talked about many things and finally reached a consensus that Dio would trade the remote control tech with Wakanda health tech and some supersonic weapons.

This was just the initial trade as Wakanda needed to verify the authenticity of Dio’s tech before they could determine its value.

But Dio didn’t really care as he could reverse engineer Wakanda’s tech later in Hamon and sell it to others to get a profitable income!

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